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Do not let Krypton Stealer in because this dangerous Trojan will steal all of your personal information that you leave out in the open. If you have saved any passwords on your browsers, use crypto-currency wallets, or rely on VPN clients, you are at risk. Unfortunately, the malicious Trojan is a silent killer, and you will not notice it when it slithers in. In fact, you will not notice it when it records and transfers your private data to a remote server either. The presence of this infection is so inconspicuous that you are likely to discover it only if you randomly decide to scan your operating system to check whether or not you need to remove any threats. When was the last time you scanned your entire operating system? With free malware scanners available, you have no excuse not to do it. Of course, a malware scanner cannot save you, and you should really think about installing anti-malware software to keep Windows and your private data protected. We discuss that, as well as deleting Krypton Stealer, in this report.

Do you have an idea as to how Krypton Stealer could have entered your Windows operating system? This infection is clandestine, and it should enter without alarming you at all, which is why it might be difficult for you to figure it all out. Of course, if you do not spot and remove Krypton Stealer right away, it can start spying on you, tracking your activity, collecting private information, and then sending it to a remote server silently. Maybe a malicious downloader could have been used to execute the threat? Maybe an exploit kit was employed to drop the threat using an unpatched vulnerability? The possibilities are endless. It is all unclear because it is impossible to know who exactly operates behind this malware, and that is because it is likely to be sold online to anyone who is willing to pay. This could determine the activity of the infection as well. If it acts the way we expect it, it should start by checking the system for installed applications to see which browsers, crypto-currency wallets, file-sharing tools, and other apps are present. It also could start capturing screenshots to start gathering information.

Do you know how many passwords are available to the attackers behind Krypton Stealer? This might be hard to say, but the infection is capable of stealing login credentials if they are saved on web browsers (including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Yandex, Brave, QQBrowser, Opera, Amigo, Vivaldi, and Maxthon). The threat also targets credit card details and search history to extract sensitive information. Sensitive login information can be stolen from Filezilla, FTP Navigator, NordVPN, ProtonVPN, and TotalCommander tools as well. Krypton Stealer also steals information from the popular Electrum, Ethereum, Exodus, and Jaxx crypto-currency wallets. Basically, no application is safe, and that puts you in a very dangerous position. If the Trojan records sensitive information, it can save it all in the %TEMP% directory and then silently transfer it to a remote server, where the attackers could analyze it. The folder containing the information should be named something like “{665e1840-6e5c-11e9-a96c-806e6f6e6963}” and it should be removed automatically after the transfer. Even if the infection leaks one single password, that could be enough for your reputation to be tarnished, your money to be stolen, or your accounts to be used for the distribution of malware.

If you are still not sure if you need to remove Krypton Stealer, we suggest installing a legitimate malware scanner that would immediately clear the air. The scanner you can install by clicking the ‘Download’ button below is free, and it can definitely find the Trojan. If its existence is confirmed, you need to act fast. First and foremost, delete Krypton Stealer. Since the infection does not have a dedicated landing spot or even a fixed name, removing it manually can be challenging. Considering that there is no time to waste, that other threats could exist, and that your virtual security could be on the line, we strongly advise installing anti-malware software. It will automatically inspect, clean, and secure your system in no time. After that, change ALL passwords – and do not make the mistake of creating weak ones – and make sure that your crypto-currency wallets and your online banking accounts are secured. Also, start tracking your credit card statements and activity from your accounts more vigilantly.

How to delete Krypton Stealer

  1. Delete recently downloaded suspicious files to erase the infection’s launcher.
  2. If you think you have it erased, Empty Recycle Bin.
  3. Immediately install a trusted malware scanner to inspect your system.
  4. If the scanner detects malware leftovers, you must delete them as quickly as possible.
Download Remover for Krypton Stealer *
*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter.


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