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Kovter.c is a rather unique malware infection that does not leave any files you can remove. It is a Trojan that will enter your system surreptitiously, and it might take a while before you notice something odd about your computer. Due to its specifics, it might be extremely difficult to terminate this program manually. Computer security experts say that if you want Kovter.c gone, you should most definitely get yourself a powerful antispyware tool that will locate all the affected registry entries and will fix it for you. After that, your job will be protecting your system from similar intruders in the future.

This infection is a not new, as the first reports about Kovter.c appeared back in 2015. As you can probably tell, the problem with Trojans is that they do not die easily. The people behind these infections may release them again and again. This is probably what we are witnessing with Kovter.c, too. According to various reports, the Kovter malware family has been there since 2013, and each time a new version of the Trojan emerges, it comes with certain modifications that are bound to puzzle researchers and frustrate regular computer users.

As mentioned in the first paragraph, Kovter.c is a fileless infection. It means that the program does not drop any file. Instead, it employs several techniques to remain in the system’s registry. When the infection takes place, the Trojan will check whether the affected computer as PowerShell installed. If not, and the system has an internet connection, the Trojan will download the framework to execute its payload. Researchers note that if Kovter.c is not able to download PowerShell, then the Trojan becomes a more basic file-based infection.

If the Trojan can run as planned, it adds one or more values to several registry keys, and those values execute the malicious JavaScript through a legitimate MSHTA program. As you can see, the Trojan makes use of legitimate means to promulgate, and it also makes it harder to detect and remove it. Therefore, users have to take all the means possible to avoid such infections. And in order to avoid it, it is important to know how such programs spread around.

For the most part, Kovter.c uses malicious advertisement campaigns to spread. These ads that contain the infection are often placed in adult content websites and news pages that support flash advertisements. Also, the Trojan may use a number of exploit kits to spread around. Those exploit kids include Angler, Fiesta, Nuclear, and others. What’s more, it has been reported that this Trojan may be distributed through spam email attachments. The attached files may look like .zip files, but when users open them, they launch malicious JavaScript or some other .src file that initiates the malware download.

It would seem that it is possible to avoid getting infected with Kovter.c, and scanning the downloaded files would always be a good idea. However, now that you have this Trojan on-board, the best way to remove it is to acquire a powerful security tool that will clean your Windows Registry for you. At the same time, the program of your choice will safeguard you against similar infections in the future.

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