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Kissanime, or, is an anime streaming website that is highly valued by Anime fans. The major drawback of the website is that it displays numerous third-party advertisements which are replaced with new ones once the website is reloaded. The Kissanime website contains quite a few sections enabling visitors to access Anime movies-related updates, games, and movies and cartoons of different genres on different websites. For example, Kissanime enables visitors to access, which is almost identical to Kissanime. KIMCartoon is less polluted with advertisements, but that does not change the fact that you should be careful not to click on the ads displayed by Kissanime or associated websites.

The Kissanime website displays banner ads, which are located on the sides of each web page and among different sections within the page. Upon clicking some web banner, an interstitial advertisement in a new browser tab may be loaded in addition to the landing page of the selected advertisement. If you have recently browsed Kissanime, you might have noticed that some advertisements take time to load.

It has been noticed that Kissanime contains advertisements provided by the advertiser MGID, whose logo is present in the lower right corner of the banner ads. A single MGID banner may have more than one clickable advertisement, some of which may contain the website address to which you would be redirected. The content of the advertisement varies, but it has been noticed that the banners offer access to websites dealing with online monetization and dating websites mainly. We highly advise you against clicking on such advertisements so that you do not access websites containing malicious scripts aimed at infecting your computer. There are hundreds of thousands of ill-purposed websites to which numerous deceptive advertisements may be linked, and you should bear in mind that pop-up advertisements, web banners, and other types of advertisements can take you to infectious websites. According the content guide of MGID, they reserve the right to block content that may seem to be inappropriate or harmful. Therefore, websites promoting drugs, malware, sexual encounters, adult content, abusive or vulgar content, weapons,  to mention just a few, are said to be restricted whenever necessary. However, after multiple times of reloading the page, we observed that some advertisements containing nudity were displayed only suggesting that either this is a blunder, or the advertiser is not adhering to the guidelines proclaimed.

In order to reduce the risk of getting affected by a harmful website, you should attempt to bypass third-party advertisements because you may not know to what landing page you will be taken. In general, it is highly advisable to ignore visiting websites that are full of third-party advertisements. There are numerous advertisers that pay no attention to their clients' content because their only goal is to generate more traffic to their clients' websites and earn money. For example, in the Windows Edge browser, it is possible to turn on a feature blocking pop-up advertisements, which you can do by going to "Settings", choosing "View advanced settings", and clicking on the switch button under "Block pop-ups". Unfortunately, not all advertisements might be blocked after turning on this security setting.

Like many other website, Kissanime may be advertised by any advertiser on a different website. Moreover, you may also find some ads promoting this websites after installing an adware program. In order to prevent unwanted redirections that disturb your browsing sessions or the use of the computer, you should take preventative measures so that no unwanted software is installed, which includes paying attention to the software being installed and keeping the operating system protected by a powerful anti-malware tool. Keeping the operating system protected is highly important so that you can prevent unsolicited consequences related to the system performance or your privacy. Overall, use your common sense when dealing with unknown content on the Internet and be ready to face unexpected consequences if you choose to the browse the Internet carelessly.

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