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Kill Jeeperscrypt Ransomware is a new severe threat that can slither onto your computer without your notice and it can encrypt your most precious files so that you cannot access them anymore and thus make you want to pay the ransom fee. It seems that the creators of this malicious program mainly target Portuguese speaking computer users (mostly Brazilians) since the ransom note is in Portuguese. It may sound strange that in a way you are lucky to get infected with this particular ransomware program because we have found a way for you to remove Kill Jeeperscrypt Ransomware and even restore your encrypted files. In other words, do not even think about transferring the ransom fee even if it is not a big amount. You should keep in mind that you are sending money to the crooks who attacked your computer to extort money from you for the decryption key. If you want to find out how this vicious program may have sneaked onto your system without your notice and how you can prevent such threats from entering your PC, please continue reading our article.

In general, there are a couple of ways for you to let such a malicious program onto your system. This ransomware can mainly be found spreading via spam e-mails as a malicious attachment. Downloading and running this attached file would drop and launch "JeepersCrypt.exe," the executable of this vicious attack. You may think that you would never open such a mail, let alone download such a file. Nevertheless, it is more than likely that you did if you got hit by this infection. Unfortunately, such a spam may be able to trick even the more experienced users because it may look like an authentic mail from the authorities or any reputable company, including a bank, an Internet provider, and a hotel. The subject such a spam may refer to is always something that you would feel related to or it would at least raise your interest even if you would feel like "this must be a mistake." This is pure psychology in fact. People are usually quite curious. So when you find a mail in your spam folder or in your inbox that claims that you have an unpaid pending invoice, a hotel booking with the wrong credit card details, or an unsettled speeding ticket, make sure that you double-check who sent this to you and whether it is for real before you actually open this mail and decide to download its content. Remember that deleting Kill Jeeperscrypt Ransomware takes place after this ransomware has finished its dirty job. In other words, by removing this malicious threat you do not and cannot restore your files that have been taken hostage.

Yet another method cyber criminals tend to use to distribute this ransomware is corrupt third-party ads and links. One click on such content could drop the payload onto your system and activate this devastating attack. Obviously, this calls for more caution on your part; you should avoid shady websites and clicking on questionable third-party advertisements altogether. Also, such crooks may use Exploit Kits to attack you and drop such dangerous infections onto your computer. These kits can take advantage of outdated browsers and drivers (Adobe Flash Player and Java). This is done by setting up a website with malicious Java and Flash codes hidden in banners and other contents of this malicious page. Once you land on this page and your outdated browser loads it, the codes are triggered and the infection takes place behind your back, i.e., you will never see it coming. However, if you keep your programs and drivers always updated, such attacks cannot harm you. We cannot confirm that this ransomware is spread through these alternative channels, but it is still very important that you are aware of these possibilities to be able to protect your PC more effectively. If you want to use your computer again, we recommend that you delete Kill Jeeperscrypt Ransomware right away.

Once this ransomware is activated on your system, it scans your hard drives for the targeted file extension. This malware infection encrypts all your personal files that could be important or precious to you, including your photos, audio, video, text files, and archives. This way it can strike you where it may hurt the most. You can see the extent of the devastation quite easily since this threat appends a ".jeepers" extension to your original file names. When the damage is done, a pop-up window indicates it in Portuguese language. After you click on the OK button, the ransom note comes up on your screen. This note informs you about the attack and gives you instructions regarding the payment; all this in Portuguese, of course. You have to contact these crooks by sending an e-mail to so that you get a reply with further information on how and where you can transfer the 0.02 BTC, which is around 26 US dollars, they are asking for. You have 24 hours to do so or else you will lose your files. But do not panic for a second; we have a solution for you. In fact, you can remove Kill Jeeperscrypt Ransomware possibly without the unfortunate consequence of losing your files.

As a matter of fact, we can provide you with the decryption key that you can use to undo this vicious process. If you copy and paste "Y29uaGVjaW1lbnRvIG5hbyBlIGNyaW1lIGNyaW1lIHNlciBidXJybyBlIGJhaXhhciBxdWFscXVlciBtZXJkYSBuYSBpbnRlcm5ldCBhY2hhbmRvIHF1ZSB2YWkgc2UgDQpkYXIgYmVtIGlzc28gZSBwcmEgdm9jZXMgYXByZW5kZXIgYSBuYW8gYmFpeGFyIG1haXMgbWVyZGEgbmEgaW50ZXJuZXQgc2V1cyBvdGFyaW9z" into the field at the bottom of the ransom note window and press the "Desencriptar" button, you should see your files being unlocked, which may take way longer than the encryption itself. But our research also indicates that some of your files might remain unlocked. If this might happen to you, it is possible that you will find a decryption tool on the web that can recover files encrypted by this ransomware. We do not advise you to do it alone if you are not an advanced user.

Once your files are unlocked and you can use them again, you can remove Kill Jeeperscrypt Ransomware from your system immediately. Please use our instructions below if you need help with this. If this attack makes you wonder about how to protect your PC more efficiently, first of all, you should consider making regular backups on a removable drive. Second, you may want to install a reliable anti-malware program (SpyHunter) that can automatically defend your system from all kinds of malicious attacks. In any case, do remember that you need to keep all your programs and drivers up-to-date for best results in the fight against cyber attacks.

How to remove Kill Jeeperscrypt Ransomware from Windows

  1. Press Win+E.
  2. Locate the malicious executable file you saved from the spam as well as "JeepersCrypt.exe".
  3. Delete these files.
  4. Empty your Recycle Bin.
  5. Restart your PC.
Download Remover for Kill Jeeperscrypt Ransomware *
*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter.

Kill Jeeperscrypt Ransomware Screenshots:

Kill Jeeperscrypt Ransomware
Kill Jeeperscrypt Ransomware


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