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Were you introduced to the Is That You Facebook message/post? If you were, the last thing you should do is click the link represented via this message because it could lead to scam pages and even malware. The origins of this scam message are still unknown, and our research team is still working had to figure everything out, but we already have enough information to introduce you to it. Without a doubt, the misleading message has been set up by someone who does not have the purest of intentions, and since it works as a portal to the web, it is possible that it could be used in many different ways. In the worst case scenario, malicious infections could be installed onto the computer when the corrupted link is clicked. Hopefully, you do not need to delete Is That You Facebook message-related infections, but if you have clicked the link, that is a possibility.

Is malware that is active on your operating system responsible for the Is That You Facebook scam? That is unlikely to be the case. Malware could exist on the computer of the person whose account was used to send you the “Is That You?” message with a link to an alleged video attached to it. If the video link was set to you by someone you do not know, you really should have known better than to open that link. On the other hand, if it was sent to you by someone you know or by someone you chat with constantly, you might have not even thought about any security risks. Needless to say, if a friend of yours sent you the corrupted link, you have to notify them immediately so that they could warn other potential victims and maybe even remove malware. All in all, even though it is unlikely that you need to remove malware if you are the recipient of the Is That You Facebook scam message, you still want to perform a full system scan using a reliable malware scanner to check things out. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Clicking the link represented via the Is That You Facebook scam is a terrible idea. If you do it, all kinds of bad things could happen. For example, you could be routed to a page, where you would be asked to disclose your full name, email address, Facebook account login details, and similar information. If you have disclosed sensitive data, act accordingly to stay safe. For example, if you disclosed passwords, you have to change them ASAP. If you were routed to a page that had malware embedded in it, you might have let it in without even knowing it. Again, if malware exists, you can use a legitimate malware scanner to figure out if you need to delete anything. If you skip this step, you might put your virtual security at a great risk. It is hard to discuss what kinds of issues you might be facing, considering that every infection can be unique, but, without a doubt, you do not want to face any of them, and so you must remove malware.

Facebook has a billion active users, and so it is not that surprising that schemers are trying to access vulnerable users via it. If you want to evade malware and scams, you have to be extremely cautious about unfamiliar links and attachments that are sent to your inbox or posted on your/your fiends’ wall. Is That You Facebook scam is not the only one that could be used to trick you into doing something risky. For example, you might remember the infamous Facebook Message Virus that, as it was reported, might have affected more than 800,000 users worldwide. It is your responsibility to stay vigilant about the scams represented via Facebook, but you should install anti-malware software as well. In case you are introduced to scams that lead to the infiltration of malware, you want to have a reliable defense mechanism against it. This could help remove Is That You Facebook scam-related malware; if it exists at all.

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