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InternetSpeedRadar Toolbar may have several different classifications. Our security specialists say that it is a potentially unwanted program, but you may find it also in other categories like browser plugin or even browser hijacker. Such a wide range of potential categories is influenced by the fact that this program exhibits quite a lot of behavioral patterns. Whichever it might be, the bottom line is that it is highly recommended that you remove InternetSpeedRadar Toolbar from your system, as the program could be associated with a number of security issues. Please continue reading the description for more information on this potential security threat.

Now, we cannot say that this browser extension is a malicious infection because it does not infect your system surreptitiously. In other words, users tend to install the application on their computers willingly, although they might not be aware of that. This happens because InternetSpeedRadar Toolbar gets distributed in software bundles that come from websites that host freeware. When you download freeware apps you probably do not realize you download more than one application onto your computer. It would be possible to avoid that if you were to check every step in the installation wizard carefully. Unfortunately, users tend to breeze through the setup because they want to use a particular program as soon as possible.

What’s more, InternetSpeedRadar Toolbar also has an official homepage at The same could be said about all the other programs from the Mindspark Toolbar family. Browser extensions from this group look like they come from different sources and like they have different functions, but in reality, this InternetSpeedRadar Toolbar application is no different from MyScrapNook Toolbar, Zwinky Toolbar, Video Scavenger Toolbar, and so on. They all exhibit the same behavior, and users often feel tricked when they see what these programs do to their browsers.

If you did not intend to have this Mindspark toolbar installed on your computer, you will be surprised to see that it changes your default homepage and adds various shortcuts to your browser, too. InternetSpeedRadar Toolbar is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer, so the program will definitely affect you if you use any of the three browsers. While it might seem that with these modifications you can enjoy a far more custom web browsing, you also have to remember that it opens opportunities for various exploitations and other undesirable activity from third parties.

Such security concerts are the main reason you should uninstall InternetSpeedRadar Toolbar right now. Please note that removal via Control Panel will only affect the Internet Explorer, for the other browsers, you will have to delete this application manually.

You can find the removal guidelines below this description. However, we would like to remind you that you might have more programs you should delete, too. Scan your PC with the SpyHunter free scanner, and you will get a list of all the potential threats in no time. Delete them all either manually or with an antispyware program of your choice. Then protect your system from other unwanted applications by keeping your security tool always up to date and by staying away from file-sharing websites.

How to Remove InternetSpeedRadar Toolbar

Internet Explorer

  1. Press Win+R and the Run prompt will open.
  2. Type Control Panel into the Open box and click OK.
  3. Go to Uninstall a program (Add or remove programs in Windows XP).
  4. Remove InternetSpeedRadar Toolbar Internet Explorer Homepage and New Tab.


  1. Press Win+R and enter %LocalAppData%. Press OK.
  2. Navigate to Google\Chrome\User Data\[PROFILE]\Extensions.
  3. Delete the gnpfgkmogeglaogaahfpmphbcniepm folder.
  4. Go to Google\Chrome\User Data\[PROFILE]\Local Extension Settings.
  5. Remove the gnpfgkmogeglaogaahfpmphbcniepm folder.
  6. Open Google\Chrome\User Data\[PROFILE]\Sync Extension Settings.
  7. Remove the gnpfgkmogeglaogaahfpmphbcniepm folder.


  1. Press Win+R and enter %AppData%. Press the Enter key.
  2. Navigate to Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\[PROFILE]\extensions.
  3. Remove
  4. Go to Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\[PROFILE].
  5. Delete
Download Remover for InternetSpeedRadar Toolbar *
*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter.

InternetSpeedRadar Toolbar Screenshots:

InternetSpeedRadar Toolbar
InternetSpeedRadar Toolbar
InternetSpeedRadar Toolbar


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