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If you have found set as your homepage, default search tool, and New Tab URL, you must have the Google Chrome browser extension named Inspiratiooo installed on your computer. This piece of software has affected your browser because you have installed it consciously from the Chrome Web Store (, or it has somehow managed to enter your system without your knowledge. Research conducted by specialists at has clearly shown that this browser extension is nothing more than a browser hijacker, so it might be spread bundled together with other applications and thus enter users’ PCs unnoticed. As for those users who install Inspiratiooo consciously, they do that expecting that it is extremely beneficial software. We cannot blame those users because it does look useful at first glance. It is even advertised as a “new Chrome extension for beautiful browsing and search experience.” At the time of writing, it was not popular yet, but its popularity might increase, so we have prepared this report to let users know what they can expect from this application. Continue reading to find more about it and its removal.

The Inspiratiooo browser extension is presented as beneficial software that not only changes background every 6 hours, enables users to check the “temperature in your location,” but can also improve the web searching experience to a great extent. Unfortunately, in reality, it is not something very useful. Research has shown that it only alters users’ Google Chrome settings. To be more specific, it sets on users’ browsers. Since it changes both homepages and default search tools, users see this page open to them when they launch their web browsers. This page is not malicious, but you should remove it if you feel that it has been set without your knowledge. Our specialists do not recommend using the search tool promoted by Inspiratiooo as well (it is located in the middle of It has been noticed that it redirects all users’ searches through to Yahoo!, which is considered a legitimate search provider, but there is still a possibility that some modified search results will be displayed to users if they use it. They are not malicious, but it would be best not to click on them because they might redirect you to dubious websites. You could not click on them if you do not use this search tool to perform web searches. If you decide not to search the web with it, remove mercilessly and then set a page you like in its place.

It has turned out that the majority of users who discover set on their browsers live in India, Egypt, and Indonesia. We are sure that we would find some users who could not explain why is set on their browsers among them. Yes, we believe that the browser extension promoting this page might enter users’ computers without their permission as well. Some people download Inspiratiooo directly from the Chrome Web store themselves willingly, as has already been mentioned at the beginning of this report, but many people do not know anything about its installation, so our specialists have carried out research to find out more about its distribution. Research has shown that it might be spread bundled with other applications. Also, it might be promoted via pop-ups displayed to users when they enter dubious websites. If you see various commercial advertisements periodically, this might be a sign that adware (an ad-supported program) is installed on your computer. If you manage to locate it, erase it right away together with this undesirable browser extension.

You can remove Inspiratiooo and thus get rid of the page it has set quite easily – you just need to access the extensions manager. Alternatively, you can reset your web browser to default settings. If you do not have time for the manual removal of undesirable software, we suggest that you use an automated scanner to clean your system. There is only one criterion for an antimalware tool – it must be fully reliable.

How to delete

Google Chrome

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Press Alt+F and click More tools.
  3. Select Extensions.
  4. Locate the Inspiratiooo browser extension and select it.
  5. Click the recycle bin button to remove it.
Download Remover for *
*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter. Screenshots: technical info for manual removal:

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1fontawesome-webfont.svg447050 bytesMD5: acf3dcb7ff752b5296ca23ba2c7c2606
2google.png3248 bytesMD5: 8ae774ba460f45fab2cc820910ef6bcd
3newTab.js29869 bytesMD5: 15538483c04701d994d29b085f85382a
4inspiratiooo.js452 bytesMD5: 1bc961fdd6ecfd5b5c31cdebe842f2a3
5OpenSans-Regular.ttf217360 bytesMD5: 629a55a7e793da068dc580d184cc0e31
6font-awesome.min.css32426 bytesMD5: d71b360a415d41254a0414d9506ad909
710n-32px.png3801 bytesMD5: ac3408559668c03c32736efb237eb011
801d-48px.png2859 bytesMD5: 9a956d6298af578c0cbbcb1d785ccf56
910d-48px.png3793 bytesMD5: 64f9f6298ccc595f0917fee814bd530d
1050n-32px.png3328 bytesMD5: 513b4b3ff96d5bf5054ef61c4a9f8ed2
11Lato-Bold.ttf657188 bytesMD5: eb9532033c2adf99b1314611b5e9cd0e
1201d-32px.png2859 bytesMD5: 9a956d6298af578c0cbbcb1d785ccf56
13arrow-top.png139 bytesMD5: 26a296decd8801eb73befc3ac34b5eb4
1411d-48px.png3777 bytesMD5: 2d877d85cbcf21f31c38fe7dbcff7ae2
1510d-32px.png3793 bytesMD5: 64f9f6298ccc595f0917fee814bd530d
16icomoon.eot200628 bytesMD5: efcb15857675f317a3a01330539a9b44
1701n-48px.png2817 bytesMD5: 58f2dd6b0149f4bb4c5b9c98daec5467
18icomoon.woff200540 bytesMD5: fba8bc5f1acc7a05e58b516c38e7f051
19privacy.html12921 bytesMD5: 234f2bfbda77bf07c3859dd9f8ffda6e
2009n-48px.png3818 bytesMD5: baf9ffd6ef305583ee35bdb88519084b
21google2.png4054 bytesMD5: 60fd15eee9b48956dd209ff81d1b5137
22arrow-bottom.png136 bytesMD5: 8062ca29afab59e3da667c2aef217117
2310n-48px.png3801 bytesMD5: ac3408559668c03c32736efb237eb011
2413d-48px.png3901 bytesMD5: cde524aacbdf18a79e79fcbcda0597fc
2503d-48px.png2565 bytesMD5: beeb7bbde37cd163aa8077b8adfebdc6
2650n-48px.png3328 bytesMD5: 513b4b3ff96d5bf5054ef61c4a9f8ed2
27manifest.json1920 bytesMD5: db59778d7146ba2caf282544fffb3a25
28tmpl.min.js1073 bytesMD5: 8f3e86db368475c3f658afaaf7e3d08c
29sunset@2x.png1044 bytesMD5: b06349269ccf4ebf8e2cdab4134e3a45
30background.js13820 bytesMD5: 7c3fca1bb13f9a9233d3bcf8db34800b
31contact.html7736 bytesMD5: aadab7e08d476a00c7a733e98b2772a7
3203d-32px.png2565 bytesMD5: beeb7bbde37cd163aa8077b8adfebdc6
33fontawesome-webfont.ttf165548 bytesMD5: b06871f281fee6b241d60582ae9369b9
34OpenSans-Bold.ttf224592 bytesMD5: 50145685042b4df07a1fd19957275b81
35Lato-Regular.ttf657212 bytesMD5: 3b9b99039cc0a98dd50c3cbfac57ccb2
36eula.html40499 bytesMD5: 86f034f9e41f8735d333a70f5fa70c48
37MANIFEST-00000141 bytesMD5: 00000000000000000000000000000000
3804d-32px.png2773 bytesMD5: 346f20bb618e7f86dcb32eac361ae541
3932.png1640 bytesMD5: 80666775ed30bb5a62f0cc0645b96a12
40pressure@2x.png2400 bytesMD5: e81fc82fbc990c567c5ad4120e836aef
41CURRENT16 bytesMD5: 46295cac801e5d4857d09837238a6394
42yahoo2.png4273 bytesMD5: ce5edbf3f05146a3714ff57dd3a1c207
4316.png638 bytesMD5: 0e7d1f60df0cfec7b2db08ed69e04dac
44bing.png4454 bytesMD5: 631d78492fb899392e592dff53cbcabe
4504n-32px.png2773 bytesMD5: 346f20bb618e7f86dcb32eac361ae541
4648.png2717 bytesMD5: e3c1e529941dc28631a320e67c2503f1
47icomoon.svg652628 bytesMD5: 4a8a5bc587d3d5f1a583d6850a5cc9da
48icomoon.ttf200464 bytesMD5: 6102bb09aa1ca590aeffaf0bf7fbe796
4903n-32px.png2565 bytesMD5: beeb7bbde37cd163aa8077b8adfebdc6
50Lato-Light.ttf644556 bytesMD5: 90e1d3559ac52f7f0f77a86e1bfd632d
51fontawesome-webfont.woff98024 bytesMD5: fee66e712a8a08eef5805a46892932ad
5202d-48px.png2969 bytesMD5: 5ea2d730d3be24c937ce7461f0f530ca
53LOG.old180 bytesMD5: 283366736121e18cacc1419a842374c5
54wind-sock.png1115 bytesMD5: 80d52f5d8c86675783f7115d0f512d7c
5509n-32px.png3818 bytesMD5: baf9ffd6ef305583ee35bdb88519084b
56verified_contents.json12397 bytesMD5: 3af337b4eae3b66f709231d8fe906084
5703n-48px.png2565 bytesMD5: beeb7bbde37cd163aa8077b8adfebdc6
58weatherDataParsers.js1844 bytesMD5: cd2f1eb3c8be00608d24bdca414aabb1
5902n-48px.png2922 bytesMD5: e874e4560a701e646de8c77647f40641
60000003.log144576 bytesMD5: 00000000000000000000000000000000
61gulpfile.js369 bytesMD5: da6432548c36db58e294d70b79ebc473
62LOG402 bytesMD5: 00000000000000000000000000000000
63search-frst.png11849 bytesMD5: 1a206e0cd27b52583d366becda34ef8e
64newTabOLD.html3049 bytesMD5: 7e2f5a16974ad1236e2a9d690deeb98a
65uninstall.html7947 bytesMD5: a1f3513eafe11fe1ee5573e6a7371a57
6609d-48px.png3818 bytesMD5: baf9ffd6ef305583ee35bdb88519084b
6704d-48px.png2773 bytesMD5: 346f20bb618e7f86dcb32eac361ae541
6850d-48px.png3328 bytesMD5: 513b4b3ff96d5bf5054ef61c4a9f8ed2
69newTab.css10430 bytesMD5: b9ac6fb94244aba7801d411086995c89
7011d-32px.png3777 bytesMD5: 2d877d85cbcf21f31c38fe7dbcff7ae2
71background.jpg105934 bytesMD5: c4ad47508486680169f2d12656090bd3
7201n-32px.png2817 bytesMD5: 58f2dd6b0149f4bb4c5b9c98daec5467
7311n-32px.png3777 bytesMD5: 2d877d85cbcf21f31c38fe7dbcff7ae2
74weather.css11571 bytesMD5: 910ffe08b9c249df8f65123876aca265
75humidity@2x.png1195 bytesMD5: c9dad876c0ee4c93a9a9b5a2b0e49b4f
7611n-48px.png3777 bytesMD5: 2d877d85cbcf21f31c38fe7dbcff7ae2
7709d-32px.png3818 bytesMD5: baf9ffd6ef305583ee35bdb88519084b
7804n-48px.png2773 bytesMD5: 346f20bb618e7f86dcb32eac361ae541
7950d-32px.png3328 bytesMD5: 513b4b3ff96d5bf5054ef61c4a9f8ed2
80sunrise@2x.png1416 bytesMD5: 614f134a70f69886841e87c3b553f999
81newTab.html5323 bytesMD5: 23b84bfe6696576687eeed834b63c729
82newTabOLD.css5717 bytesMD5: 2bc7857e7cdf31147607b587930c2b4a
8302d-32px.png2969 bytesMD5: 5ea2d730d3be24c937ce7461f0f530ca
84FontAwesome.otf134808 bytesMD5: 0d2717cd5d853e5c765ca032dfd41a4d
8513n-48px.png3901 bytesMD5: cde524aacbdf18a79e79fcbcda0597fc
86fontawesome-webfont.eot165742 bytesMD5: 674f50d287a8c48dc19ba404d20fe713
87128.png8735 bytesMD5: 26aaef90d02d1ef03518e9b3637c9b19
88bing2.png4046 bytesMD5: 1e78ccfe6a72d9a33a1d165069c845e9
8913n-32px.png3901 bytesMD5: cde524aacbdf18a79e79fcbcda0597fc
90fontawesome-webfont.woff277160 bytesMD5: af7ae505a9eed503f8b8e6982036873e
91yahoo.png7300 bytesMD5: 72682c6a19f641cc69b1034056f5ac32
9213d-32px.png3901 bytesMD5: cde524aacbdf18a79e79fcbcda0597fc
93jquery.min.js86663 bytesMD5: 473957cfb255a781b42cb2af51d54a3b
94calendar.png1367 bytesMD5: 823ca60e7344568e6f15595ccda876da
95OpenSans-Light.ttf222412 bytesMD5: 1bf71be111189e76987a4bb9b3115cb7
96computed_hashes.json70695 bytesMD5: 405f067a451e63b0b807080fa433c832
9702n-32px.png2922 bytesMD5: e874e4560a701e646de8c77647f40641

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