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Category: Browser Hijackers has an interface of an ordinary search tool; however, it is definitely not a search engine users should use for finding the information on the web. First of all, it has been found that this tool is usually spread by a browser hijacker infection. Secondly, might be the reason of the presence of untrustworthy software. Research has shown that the browser hijacker promoting this search tool targets people speaking French primarily; however, we cannot promise that it will never enter your PC and apply changes to browsers. If this has already happened to you, you need to remove from all your browsers. Unfortunately, it is very likely that you will find it set on all your browsers, including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. This browser hijacker is not a simple program, so it will not be very easy to get rid of it either. As a result, specialists at suggest reading this article attentively. has an appearance of a reputable search engine, so many users who find this search tool set on their browsers do not realize that it can be quite unreliable. This search tool shows Yahoo! search results too and works quite well, which explains why so many people decide to use as a default search engine. If you are one of them, go to delete right now instead of using this tool to find the information on the web. It is a bad idea to let stay because this search tool displays search results that cannot be trusted at all. Even though it is powered by Yahoo!, there might still be untrustworthy search results placed together with those decent ones, according to experts. They are called untrustworthy because it has been found that they only promote third-party websites. In some cases, they do not even contain the information users need. According to security specialists, it is quite dangerous to click on these search results because they might take to bad websites. It is impossible to say which of the search results shown by have a potential of redirecting to unreliable websites and which of them are safe to click. Therefore, in the opinion of researchers, it would be smart to replace this search tool set by a browser hijacker with a more reliable search engine.

Users should get rid of without consideration not only because it might cause redirections to bad websites, but also because this tool might be interested in the information about users. Of course, the main focus is on the non-personally identifiable information, e.g. search queries, links clicked, IP address, etc; however, there is a slight possibility that it will gather some personal details too. It might do that indirectly, for instance, it might collect search data, which is non-personally identifiable information, but there might still be personal details if users have submitted them while using as a default search engine. is hosted on the same server as,, and, which suggests that all these websites belong to the same creator. They should be spread the same too, so you have to be cautious. Recent research has revealed that the browser hijacker promoting could have entered your computer in a software bundle. Such threats, of course, do not travel alone in most cases – they tend to hide behind other applications, so it is not surprising if you have started seeing on your browsers after installing a free application that does not seem to be associated with this browser hijacker at all at first glance. Malicious software is very sneaky, so if you do not do anything, it might enter your computer once again.

The deletion of is a must because this search tool is untrustworthy and might even cause harm to the system. As has already been mentioned, it might cause problems associated with the privacy and security. There are two ways to remove it and thus prevent this from happening. First, it can be erased automatically by scanning the system with SpyHunter. Second, it is possible to get rid of it manually. Use our removal instructions if you make up your mind to erase this infection yourself.


Internet Explorer

  1. Open your browser.
  2. Open the Tools menu.
  3. Click Internet Options.
  4. Click on the Advanced tab.
  5. Click Reset.
  6. In the confirmation box, click Reset again.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Open your browser.
  2. Tap Alt+H to open the Help menu.
  3. Click Troubleshooting information.
  4. Click on the Refresh Firefox button.
  5. Click again on this button in the box that is opened.

Google Chrome

  1. Launch your browser.
  2. Click on the button in the top-right corner and select Settings.
  3. Scroll down.
  4. Click Show advanced settings.
  5. Click Reset settings.
  6. Click the Reset button when you are asked whether you really wish to reset your browser.
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