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Incredibar Toolbar or MyStart By Incredibar Toolbar is a browser ad-on which is installed without the user’s approval. The unwanted toolbar may be installed on the most popular internet browsers after a bundled download of compromised free software. The infection could be also categorized as adware or a browser hijacker, because it does both: it presents irrelevant advertisements and modifies browsers’ settings. Thus, although the program does not seem to be dangerous, it should be removed from the browser and the system, because the actual intentions of the infiltration of the browser helper object may be known only to the developers of the toolbar.

In addition to the display of the MyStart toolbar, the infection changes the browser’s setting, which may cause some trouble to the user. For example, the browser’s home page is changed or redirected to the infection’s “official” webpage; thus, instead of regular home page such as or others, you will be expected to use the annoying infection’s browse page. Moreover, the infection can compile your Bookmarks list with unfamiliar websites which you should not visit to minimize chances of infecting the computer involuntarily by accessing insecure sites. Incredibar Toolbar also adjusts DNS settings, and most importantly it can collect information on the websites you visit and actions you perform. This is the key factor why you should remove Incredar Toolbar as soon as you find it on your Internet Explorer, Firefox or other browser.

As the infection is not recognized as malicious by the majority of security applications, you may find that even during the scan of the system your antivirus software cannot detect and remove Incredibar Toolbar. This happens due to the fact that this type of software is typically recognized as a browser helper object, which operating systems do not treat as infectious. Additionally, it may not be enough to delete the cutting program by using the Add or Remove Programs utility, because the infection may have some malicious components hidden in the system. Therefore, scan the computer with a powerful spyware removal program so that the unpleasant infection is removed immediately.

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