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Illusion Mailer is a dangerous computer infection which is categorized as a backdoor Trojan. The threat enables remoter attackers to access the system and use the computer as a part of a malicious server. Illusion Mailer spreads via e-mail and instant messages of online communication programs. The removal of this threat should be performed by a highly professional spyware removal tool as the infection can install harmful files and conceal them so that regular anti-virus program cannot detect them.

Illusion Mailer installs the malware and attempts to connect port 5512, port 2155, or some others. Afterwards, the threat will use the user e-mail address to bombard the contact’s boxes with spam emails. In order to prevent the installation of Illusion Mailer it is crucial to update the system regularly, keep Windows Firewall turned on, and use a reliable spyware prevention program. Illusion Mailer is created to exploit the vulnerabilities of the system, so you should make sure that your privacy and the PC are protected against unexpected malware attacks.

When Illusion Mailer gets to the computer, the odds are that you will witness some changes in the system performance. Due to the fact that the machine is used as part of a server that sends spam emails, you may have to spend some time waiting for some program or a web page to load. It is caused by a high CPU usage which you should be aware of once you notice that the computer does not work properly.

This spamming tool should be removed from the computer immediately, and it is advisable to use SpyHunter, which, unlike simple anti-virus program, can detect and delete various pieces of spyware. The spy-catching software will also safeguard the system, so if your computer is not affected by Illusion Mailer and you want to be sure that it will not access the system, implement our recommended spyware removal tool.

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