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There is not much information known about Hidden-Peach Ransomware, although our specialists determined that this malware is another threat based on an open source software called Hidden Tear. It was an educational project created to show how such malicious applications work, but, as you may have already guessed, some cyber criminals took the code and decided to develop harmful programs. The good news is that if the infection encrypts user’s data, it might be possible to find a decryption tool on the Internet. However, so far it seems users may not have to worry about such things as the primary version of the malware enciphers only a particular folder on the Desktop. Thus, if your computer was infected with this Hidden-Peach Ransomware variant, you can erase the threat without hesitation. For more details and deletion instructions you should read the remaining text or check the removal instructions located below.

Let us begin from the ways Hidden-Peach Ransomware might be distributed. According to the researchers, the malicious application should be spread with suspicious email attachments. For example, it could be executable files, images, text documents, or other data sent via Spam emails. This is probably one of the most popular ransomware distribution methods, so if you want to protect the computer from such threats, you have to be extra cautious. Before launching files received via email, you should find more information about them and if you find anything raising a suspicion it is best to scan such data with a reliable antimalware tool. The process should take only a couple of minutes, and you would instantly know whether the file can be opened or not.

Another thing we noticed is that Hidden-Peach Ransomware should not place any other data on the system besides the user’s downloaded malicious file. It means the malware works right from the location where the user saved and launched the file. The infection’s primary version was programmed only to encrypt those files that are located in a folder named as “XXDAO.” This folder is supposed to be on Desktop, so if you do not have such a directory the tested version of the malicious application should not do any damage to your private data. Otherwise, the threat would encipher images, documents, photographs, or other private files and add an extension called .lck to them.

Based on what our specialists have learned, it is most likely that Hidden-Peach Ransomware might be only a test version. It means the cyber criminals who created it could upgrade the threat and make it encipher users’ data everywhere on the infected computer. Fortunately, since the malware is based on an open source ransomware (Hidden Tear) for which there is a working decryption tool, it might be possible to unlock encrypted files with it. Therefore, if you encounter an upgraded version, we advise you to look for decryption tools on the Internet.

The malicious application may not damage your data, but leaving it on the system could be a bad idea and so our researchers recommend Hidden-Peach Ransomware’s removal. You can delete the malware manually yourself if you locate the malicious file launched earlier and get rid of it. If you find the process too complicated, we can also suggest removing the infection with a trustworthy antimalware tool of your choice. While scanning the computer with a security tool, users could locate not only the ransomware but also other possible threats. The best part is that after the scanning is over you can clean the system from all detections with a single mouse click.

Erase Hidden-Peach Ransomware

  1. Press Windows Key+E.
  2. Use the Explorer to go to the Desktop, Downloads, Temporary Files or any other directory where the malicious file could have been saved.
  3. Locate the malicious file, right-click it and press Delete.
  4. Exit the Explorer.
  5. Right-click the Recycle bin to empty it.
Download Remover for Hidden-Peach Ransomware *
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Hidden-Peach Ransomware


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