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Ransomware applications strike when you expect it the least. HELP_DECRYPT spreads around in spam email attachments, and it is classified as a Trojan because it has Trojan qualities. It means that the program enters your computer behind your back, pretending to be something else. It is also a rather mind-boggling application because it deletes itself once it has decrypted your files. On the other hand, it does not mean that there is nothing to take care of. Trojans seldom travel alone. It is very likely that you have other dangerous infections on your computer, so you must delete them in order to avoid even more serious problems.

HELP_DECRYPT cannot steal your money by logging your keystrokes because that is not what the program has been programmed for. In other words, unless you allow it to, the application cannot extort the money out of you. Unfortunately, quite often computer users panic and transfer the required ransom fee in hopes of decrypting their files. We would like to point out that the possibility of HELP_DECRYPT issuing a decryption key is lower than low. Therefore, you should never spend a single cent on the ransom fee because it does not lead anywhere.

Another name for this infection is Cryptowall 3.0. This means that the program is yet another version of the prominent Cryptowall ransomware, and it comes with some new features. For instance, the infection no longer switches between the 32-bit and 64-bit operation. Also, HELP_DECRYPT employs a variety of exploits in the malware dropper, and the program can also determine whether you want to run it on a virtual machine. Thus, the security experts who want to test HELP_DECRYPT need to run the program on the actual test-bed computers; otherwise the infection would not load. Security experts also say that the malware dropper that is responsible for distributing this infection is far more efficient than the previous ones used by Cryptowall 2.0.

The best protection against HELP_DECRYPT is prevention. It is important to identify and get rid of any step in the distribution chain to avoid getting infected with this ransomware. That would include blocking spam emails, and network connections that redirect you to malicious websites full of corrupted content. Most of the time, HELP_DECRYPT affects companies and corporations that have system backups, and so it allows them to restore their files without much harm.

However, if an individual user computer has been infected by HELP_DECRYPT, you may have a problem trying to restore your files, especially if you did not have them backed up on a cloud drive or an external HDD. You should refer to a professional technician for a decryption tool, although you should be prepared to deal with the possibility that you will not longer be able to restore your files.

As far as the overall computer security is concerned, HELP_DECRYPT might be just one of the many malicious applications currently plaguing your system. Thus, you should seriously consider investing in a licensed antispyware tool to scan your PC and delete all the potential threats. Should you require some help with that, you can always contact us by leaving a comment below or contacting us via our social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

How to Remove Malware

  1. Launch your browser.
  2. Enter into the address.
  3. Press Enter and when the download dialog box pops up, click Run.
  4. Install SpyHunter and perform a full system scan.
Download Remover for HELP_DECRYPT *
*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter.

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