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GruxEr Ransomware is a new screenlocker ransomware that can lock your screen and encrypt all your important files at the same time. So when you are hit by this dangerous malware program, you most likely take it seriously because seemingly your computer becomes useless and non-responsive. Since your only hope seems to be to transfer your attackers the demanded ransom fee if you want to see or use your files again, it is possible that you would actually think about it. We are here to warn you that there is little chance for you to get your files decrypted even if you pay. Moreover, transferring money to cyber criminals is actually supporting cybercrime. Your only legal chance to recover your files is to have a recent backup on a removable drive. But even if you are that lucky, the first step for you is to remove GruxEr Ransomware from your system so that you can start to transfer the clean file back.

There are a few ways for these criminals to spread this ransomware so let us share them with you so that you may be able to avert the next attack. One of the main distribution methods is definitely spamming campaigns, in which a malicious executable file is attached to a spam mail and sent out to thousands of unsuspecting users. This attachment could be an image, a video, a text document with macro code, or even a .zip archive. Our research shows that this ransomware may be spread as “holy.exe” that may have a misleading icon and its name could also be modified to trick you; for example, it may be called “holy.jpg.exe.” Since this spam mail may claim to come from a well-know institution, a government office, or your bank, you would not have doubts about its reliability at first sight, which could, of course, save you the later headache of deleting GruxEr Ransomware and possibly losing your precious files.

The subject matter that this spam may refer to is always something that could relate to anyone in general unless these criminals use phishing or social engineering techniques beforehand to find out what would definitely draw your attention as a personal issue. Therefore, it is quite likely that you would click to open this spam even if you find it in your spam folder. And, this may not even be the biggest mistake, although a few ransomware programs can infect you by simply opening the mail they travel in. The worst thing you can do is to save and run the attached file. You will be directed by this mail to do so obviously; claiming that you will find the details and further information regarding your issue. However, when you launch this file, you would simply initiate GruxEr Ransomware. Remember that removing this malware infection will not recover your files.

Other options for you to infect your computer with this severe threat includes clicking on unsafe third-party ads, visiting shady websites and clicking on content there, and also, landing on malicious webpages created by using so-called Exploit Kits. The latter infection is possible only though when your browsers and Java and Flash drivers are not up-to-date. Thus, it should be clear that by keeping them all updated regularly can save you from this type of attack.

This ransomware uses the AES algorithm to encrypt your personal files, including your photos, videos, documents, and archives. Strangely enough this infection does not modify your encrypted file names by appending a unique extension. Instead, it changes the shortcut icons for each affect file to an image that says “GruxEr was here.” This is just as unique in fact as having its own extension. Before the whole encryption process starts, this malware locks your screen with its ransom note window, which will be on top of all your active windows and supposedly you cannot close it. While you realize what just happened to you and your machine, this sneaky beast encrypts your files.

Apart from the ransom note, this window displays two buttons. The “What is ransomware?” button will open your default browser with the relating Wikipedia page ( The “Decrypt my files” button can be used once you paid the ransom to decrypt your files; however, we doubt that this would really work. This note tells you to pay $250 worth of Bitcoins (around 0.11 BTC) within 72 hours to the given Bitcoin wallet address. You should know that it is more likely that these criminals will not keep their word. We cannot stop you from transferring this money but please consider whether your files are worth this much at all and also that you would send money to criminals. We recommend that you remove GruxEr Ransomware immediately even if it means losing your files.

If you are ready to kill GruxEr Ransomware manually, you need to start by pressing the Alt+Tab key combination to move away from the screenlocker window and then, you can end the malicious process in Task Manager. Once you are free from this lock, you can delete all the related files. Please use our guide below if you feel up to the task. Hopefully, you realize now how easy it is to infect your computer with such a devastating ransomware program. If you do not think that you can efficiently protect your PC in the future from malware threats, we suggest that you start employing a reliable anti-malware program like SpyHunter.

How to remove GruxEr Ransomware from Windows

  1. Press Alt+Tab simultaneously to change the active window and then, release these keys.
  2. Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to open the Task Manager.
  3. Locate the malicious process that should have the same name as the file you launched (e.g. holy.exe) and press End task.
  4. Exit the Task Manager.
  5. Press Win+E.
  6. Locate and delete the malicious .exe file you saved (e.g. holy.exe) and launched.
  7. Delete these files:
  8. Empty your Recycle Bin.
  9. Restart your computer.
Download Remover for GruxEr Ransomware *
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GruxEr Ransomware


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