Great Antispy 2012 Removal Guide

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Great Antispy 2012 is not great at all, because this program is designed to trick you into thinking that your computer has become victimized by different internet infections. It is not enough to make you think that the computer is at risk, because the ultimate goal is to prompt you to expose your identifiable information in the purchase form and pay money for a full or an updated version of Great Antispy 2012.

The full version will not change much, because, after its activation, you will not find bogus infections presented anymore, which have never been present in the system. Moreover, if you can again use the PC normally, that does not mean that this is because the program safeguards the computer. Bear in mind that you should never trust programs that appear out of the blue, especially if they do not come with your operating system. Thus, ignore simulated threats, which you should never try to delete on your own, and pay no attention to the program’s pop-up warning claiming that it is advisable to update the program and remove those infections.

The treacherous application can radically modify the system’s settings so that you cannot perform your every day functions and run certain application. For example, it may be pointless to try accessing the Internet, because this phony program can change the search results or to constrain you from visiting  website at all, not to mention the fact that the rogue makes the computer run slower, which is achieved by terminating the system’s processes and initiating new ones. Great Antispy 2012 will try to make you think that all of these symptoms are presented because of the threats detected:

Critical: Some malicious threats cannot be deleted.
Some threats contain unrecognized structure and cannot be removed without update.

There is no need to update this worthless program, because the only thing that it deserves is to be deleted from the system. Once you remove Great Antispy 2012, you will find how drastically the computer’s performance will change. You will be able to access all parts of the system and run different operations. To restore the system’s settings, use a reliable spyware removal application, which will be powerful enough to remove Great Antispy 2012 and other infections which you may not be aware of.

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