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Opening emails might seem like a harmless move, but it also could be dangerous. GraceWire is one of hundreds and thousands of infections that could slither into your Windows operating system through the backdoor of a misleading spam email. If you are educated on spam emails and how to identify them, you should be able to identify this backdoor and, hopefully, close it before anything bad happens. However, if you are not that experienced, you might be tricked into inviting cybercriminals right into your system. It appears that emails focused on Covid-19 themes could be used to intrigue targets at this current time. That being said, cybercriminals are smart enough to adapt to any situation, and once they have a good thing going, they can change things around with ease. That means that pretty much any subject line, email address, and message could be used. If you remember opening strange emails recently, we strongly recommend scanning your system to see if you need to delete GraceWire or any other malicious threat.

If you have discovered GraceWire with the help of a malware scanner, you need to pay attention to what other threats might have been found along with this dangerous Trojan. Evil Corp (Dudear) group has been linked to the Dridex and Zeus banking trojans, and it is possible that one of them – or an entirely different infection – could work along with GraceWire. This specific threat is an info-stealer, which, of course, means that it was built to gather information. It is unlikely that this malware cares about your browsing history or what you have stored in your documents. However, it might be interested in the data collected by cookies as well as the data stored on your web browsers. Many people trust browsers to remember and store their passwords, but that is not safe practice because there are plenty of trojans and info-stealing infections that can exploit that. Due to this, if you have learned that you need to remove this infection from your operating system, we suggest that you change passwords also.

So, how do you prevent the attacks of GraceWire? First of all, you need to have your operating system fully protected by up-to-date anti-malware software. Second, it is a good idea to look into using a web browser that has integrated defense mechanisms. For example, if you click a malicious spam email or hyperlink in it, the right browser should stop the execution of the malicious payload. That being said, this defense mechanism might not work against GraceWire because it appears to use HTML redirectors, which can trick browsers and make it harder to recognize malicious pages. This is why it is also very important that besides taking care of your system and browser, you also pay attention to what you are doing. Even if you receive emails from family, friends, colleagues, or familiar vendors and organizations, you have to remember that email accounts can be hijacked or that malicious parties can try mimicking legitimate-looking emails. That could be achieved by adding familiar logos, using familiar layouts, and creating almost indistinguishable email addresses.

Hopefully, you are able to recognize spam emails and malicious attachments or hyperlinks represented via them. Without a doubt, if you identify spam emails, you must delete them without opening. If you have been tricked into letting GraceWire in, you might stay unaware of it for a long time. Frequent system scans can help you minimize the chances of overlooking dangerous malware. So, how can you delete this malware? You might be interested in removing GraceWire manually, but we do not recommend this solution to the problem for several reasons. First of all, identifying the components of this Trojan can be difficult because they could exist anywhere with unique names. Second, you might need to delete other threats, not just this Trojan. Third, you need reliable protection against this infection and others in the future. All things considered, we believe that investing in trusted anti-malware software is the best option.

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