Google Lead Services Removal Guide

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Google Lead Services are represented as Google advertising services, but they are not. Their creator is unknown, but it is obvious that they are using the name of a well-known brand to get more customers. It is also not exactly clear who the customers of these services are. It is possible that they are regular businesses and companies who want to use advertising to gain traction, but it is also possible that the suspicious service could be used by companies who could never advertise using reputable services. We are talking about schemers and malware distributors here. Hopefully, that is not the case, but it is extremely important to be careful about the ads that are shown via Google Lead Services. Deleting this adware server is not possible, but you might have to remove adware if it used to inject ads from the server. You might also need to reset the browser. All of this is discussed in this report.

The suspicious Google Lead Services are offered at, and according to the information in the “Advertising” section, anyone can use the services to advertise online. Of course, the services are not free, and, in fact, they can go up to 9,999 USD per year. Parties who pay this much can promote their offers via full-page ads that are either shown in new windows or new tabs of the browsers. Customers also have options to pay monthly for banner advertisements and in-text link advertisements. Google Lead Services also offer to advertise in multiple countries, which, of course, is offered at an additional fee. Those who are interested are asked to email the service provider at Ultimately, anyone who has money can utilize this service, and that is unnerving because it is not trustworthy. After all, you cannot trust a company that uses the name of Google without permission and that does not represent itself in a transparent manner. There are no privacy policies or similar statements, and that is why it cannot be trusted.

If Google Lead Services is exploited by malicious parties, it could be used to expose regular users to all kinds of bogus offers. Some of them could be used to boost traffic to unpopular sites, and others could hide links to malicious sites. Ads could also serve schemers, who could create misleading banners representing alleged security issues and warnings. Of course, such ads could not appear out of nowhere. Malicious ads can be delivered via unreliable sites – and there are plenty of those – or by adware that could place ads on any site and at any time. It all depends on the adware in play. If you face strange ads, you must avoid them, and if they keep popping up, it is crucial to inspect the system using a legitimate malware scanner. The Download link represents a free malware scanner, and you can use it to check things out. Obviously, if malware is found, you want to delete it as soon as you possibly can.

The ads delivered via Google Lead Services adware server could be malicious. They could also be harmless, but because this server is so unpredictable, and there are too many unknowns in the equation, we do not recommend taking any risks. After all, you do not want to jeopardize your virtual security for some bogus advertisement. If you want to stop seeing ads altogether, consider using an ad-blocker, but remember that there are tons of fake and malicious ones, and so you need to be careful when choosing the right one. The same can be said about anti-malware software, and installing it is recommended because you want to make sure that adware or other malicious programs cannot invade your operating system in the future. You also want protection against malicious ads. Also, whether or not you need to remove Google Lead Services-related adware, resetting browsers is important. If a suspicious ad was shown on your browser, you want to reset it and clear the browsing data to ensure that you are safe.

How to delete Google Lead Services

Internet Explorer:

  1. Launch IE, tap Alt+T, and click Internet options.
  2. Click the Advanced tab and then the Reset button.
  3. Mark Delete personal settings and click Reset.
  4. Tap Ctrl+Shift+Delete, choose the right data, and click Delete.

Google Chrome:

  1. Launch Chrome, tap Alt+F, and click Settings.
  2. Click Advanced (at the bottom) to access more options.
  3. Click the Reset button and then click Reset again for confirmation.
  4. Tap Ctrl+Shift+Delete, choose the right data, and click CLEAR DATA.

Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Launch Firefox, tap Alt+H, and click Troubleshooting information.
  2. Click the Refresh Firefox button and then click it again for confirmation.
  3. Tap Ctrl+Shift+Delete, choose the right data, and click Clear Now.
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