Gibon Ransomware Removal Guide

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The entrance of Gibon Ransomware always results in the loss of some personal files because it mercilessly encrypts data on compromised machines right after the entrance. Ransomware infections are threats developed to encrypt users’ files so that cyber criminals could obtain money from users easier, so the chances are high that you will find all the most valuable files encrypted. Specifically speaking, your documents, pictures, and other important files will become all encrypted.  You should not send money to cyber criminals even if you need to decrypt those encrypted files badly because you, most likely, could still not unlock them. Yes, we are 99% sure that you will be told to pay a ransom to get your files decrypted if you write an email to the provided email address. It does not mean that you can keep this ransomware infection active on your computer if you are not going to pay a ransom because it might strike again and encrypt even more files you have/create. Since it is not a sophisticated threat that creates a point of execution, it should strike again only if you open the malicious file, aka its launcher. Keep in mind that this might happen accidentally.

Even though Gibon Ransomware tries to infiltrate users’ computers secretly, it does not work in the background after the successful entrance. Instead, it goes to encrypt users’ files right away. It has already performed the encryption of files on your computer too if you can locate READ_ME_NOW.txt on your Desktop and your files have a new .encrypt extension appended to them all. If you open the ransom note (the .txt file), you will see that the ransomware infection does not demand money from users right away, which we have found quite surprising because all ransomware infections seek to extract money from users. Even though the ransom note dropped by Gibon Ransomware does not tell anything about the ransom, we are sure you will be asked to pay money in exchange for the decryption tool if you send an email to the email address left for you. Since Gibon Ransomware is available in the black market and can be purchased by anyone having bad intentions, the email indicated in the ransom note might change depending on who is distributing the ransomware infection. If you wonder whether or not there is another way to decrypt your files for free, we have to upset you – it might be impossible to decrypt these personal files without the special decryption tool/key.  You could restore your data for free only if you have your files backed up on an external device.

Gibon Ransomware has not affected many computers yet, so it is hard to make conclusions about its distribution. Undoubtedly, specialists working at still have what to say about its entrance. According to them, it should be spread like similar ransomware infections. Specifically speaking, it should be spread as an attachment in spam emails, so users who do not want to discover their files encrypted should stay away from all spam emails. Of course, we cannot guarantee that it will be enough to be more careful because crypto-malware might be spread in a different way as well, for example, you might download it by mistake from corrupted pages. Of course, it does not mean that there is nothing you can do to protect your system from harmful threats. No malicious applications could enter your computer if you enable security software on it. It cannot be the first antimalware tool found on the web because not all applications claiming to be powerful security tools can be trusted fully. Make sure that the application you install on your computer gets all the latest updates too so that it could prevent all the newest infections from entering your computer illegally as well.

Since Gibon Ransomware does not drop any additional files, you will erase this malicious application from your computer by deleting all suspicious files downloaded recently. It is necessary to do this to delete the malicious file opened. Also, you should not keep the ransom note READ_ME_NOW.txt on your Desktop because it will only occupy some space on your hard drive. If you cannot find malicious components associated with this ransomware infection anywhere, you should scan your computer with an automated malware remover. It will delete all other threats too thus making your PC perfectly clean.

How to remove Gibon Ransomware

  1. Press Win+E.
  2. Delete all suspicious files from %USERPROFILE%\Desktop and %USERPROFILE%\Downloads (these are two directories where users’ downloads are usually located).
  3. Remove the ransom note READ_ME_NOW.txt from Desktop.
  4. Empty Trash.
Download Remover for Gibon Ransomware *
*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter.

Gibon Ransomware Screenshots:

Gibon Ransomware
Gibon Ransomware

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