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If you have an antivirus program installed, it most likely will not allow you to open webpage saying that the page is on the list of website with potentially dangerous content. And that is a very good recommendation, because is else called FreeHDSport virus. It is not a real computer virus; it is more of a browser hijacker that is directly related to CouponDropDown and other adware programs.

The official stance of is that they offer an “endless variety of worldwide sports, movies and news channels”, basically allowing the users to forget their cable and satellite channels. However, if by any chance you do end up on the website and click the Free Download button, you will not initiate the download of this browser plug-in, because the download page is said to be removed or temporarily unavailable.

However, there are other ways for to enter your computer. It is very possible that it comes bundled with CouponDropDown or any other freeware application and you install it without even checking the installation wizard for what exactly you are installing on your computer. The problem is that will collect your personal data, and if it gets hacked by cyber criminals due to the vulnerabilities in its security set-up.

With on your computer, it will also affect your browser. Also, keep in mind that this browser hijacker can be related to a third party websites that are full of adware and spyware. It definitely invades your privacy and you have to remove from your computer as soon as possible. If you find it that it is not possible to remove via program uninstall utility in Control Panel, then download a powerful computer scanner.

The scanner is ought to categorize as a potentially unwanted program, and it will be able to delete it automatically. Also, your default browser settings will be restored, and your computer will be protected from similar cunning intruders.

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