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FolderShare is a desktop application for sharing data across different computers connected to a single network. The application is available at no charge, but, unfortunately, with some additional components that inhibit users from using their computers as usual. To be more precise, the FolderShare application arrives at a computer bundled with some adware components that flood the user with various advertisements. Although FolderShare has not been found to possess any malicious script, it is categorized as a potentially unwanted program (PUP), just because of the extra unwanted content delivered to your computer.

Security experts usually recommends removing PUPs, because they are very often programmed to display advertisements  or collect certain non-personally identifiable information about users' preferences. In the present case with FolderShare, the fact that the distributors of this software chose to spread this tool alongside adware implies that they do not take this software seriously and are not fully devoted to provide their clients a quality service. If you want to remove FolderShare from the computer, do not forget that the adware issue also has to be solved, i.e., the files communicating with ad-servers should be removed from the PC too.

As for the adware components, when analyzing the adware spread by FolderShare, it has been observed that more than one advertisement can be displayed in new  browser windows. The content of the advertisements may vary, and we want to warn you that some of the ads may be aimed at deceiving you. For example, you may be invited to register on various websites, including online monetization and dating websites. Moreover, you might be asked to fill in a survey to get a chance to win some prize. You should also ignore offers to try out system optimization programs or browser extension, because the programs promoted may be malicious programs disguised as supposedly useful software.

To prevent incidents related to potentially unwanted programs, adware, and other harmful programs, you should choose only trusted applications that have positive reviews and are acknowledged as reliable applications. Bear in mind that there are many software sharing websites offering you free software, but many of their setup files may contain additional, or optional programs. In order to prevent the installation of another program that you do not need, pay close attention to every page of the software installer so that you do not miss any relevant information. Information about additional programs may be displayed on the very first pages of the installer or hidden somewhere deep in the text, which is usually ignored by the vast majority of users. Paying attention to details and getting acquainted with the terms of use is highly advisable so that you can prevent unwanted consequences. However, if it is already too late and you want to remove the unwanted application, take action immediately before any damage is caused.

When it comes to removal, every undesirable program that falls to the category of PUP or adware is usually added to the detection list of powerful anti-malware programs. FolderShare is no exception, and if you want to have it removed, we suggest implementing our recommended security tool.  Below you will find our removal guide which will walk you through the removal of FolderShare and the associated aware, but you should note that your computer may contain malicious programs running in the background surreptitiously. Keeping the operating system protected against malware of different complexity is highly advisable so that your valuable information, including documents and login details, remains intact. If you have any questions regarding the removal of FolderShare or any other questionable program, our team is ready to help you.

How to remove FolderShare

Uninstall FolderShare

  1. Click the Start button and start typing Control Panel.
  2. Click the Control Panel icon.
  3. Select Uninstall a program.
  4. Uninstall foldershare.

Remove adware

  1. Launch the Run utility by pressing the Win and R keys simultaneously.
  2. Type in %PROGRAMFILE% and click OK.
  3. Find a randomly named folder and delete the whole folder or its components:
    • [random name].exe
    • [random name].exe.config
    • cast.config
    • uninstaller.exe
    • uninstaller.exe.config
  4. If the %PROGRAMFILE% directory does not contain the components of the adware, access the %APPDATA% directoryand delete the randomly named folder or its components:
    • [random name].exe
    • [random name}.exe.config
Download Remover for FolderShare *
*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter.

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