File Restore Virus Removal Guide

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File Restore is a fraudulent program that has been created for the same reason as its predecessors File Recovery, Data Recovery and Smart HDD. All the programs mentioned are fake hard drive defragmentation programs which pretend that they can identify system errors. In fact, none of these bogus tools can do what they claim, because they are designed to trick computer users and make them pay money for their fake versions.

The way File Restore works is very similar to rogue anti-spyware tools that scan the system, show imaginary infections and pop up misleading notifications. The same applies to this fraudulent defragmenter, which supposedly scans the computer and detects nonexistent errors. For example, the computer may be scanned for the following issues:

Checking internal data exchange
Checking HDD system interrupts
Checking SMART state


Additionally, this bogus tool displays error messages, which you should ignore, because they are simulated to make you think that your data is at risk due to a possible breakdown of the system. If you find that the PC started to run slowly once File Restore appeared on the screen, keep in mind that this is because of the presence of the bogus tool, which consumes system resources. You should always keep in mind that such computer tools as virus or error scanners that appear out of the blue and suggest you activate them should not be trusted, because they are fraudulent applications designed to make the user pay money.

File Restore should not be activated, because the result will be the same – the infection will remain in the PC, and you will have to remove it even after paying money for its activation key. Our researchers provide you with two activation keys, one of which should help you to register the tool and disable bogus scans so that you can remove File Restore without disturbing messages being displayed:




Once you have registered the program, open your browser and download SpyHunter, which will remove File Restore successfully and protect the PC against future infections. It is also possible to delete the infection manually, but the task should be carried out only by experienced users who know exactly how to remove this type of malware. Malicious registry entries and files must be removed as well as processes stopped, so if you are not sure whether you have enough skill to do this, install SpyHunter and remove File Restore automatically.

Download Remover for File Restore Virus *
*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter.

File Restore Virus Screenshots:

File Restore Virus
File Restore Virus
File Restore Virus


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