FakeSysdef Trojan Removal Guide

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FakeSysdef Trojan is a malicious infection that distributes such fake HDD defragmenters as HDD Defragmenter, File Recovery, Windows XP Recovery and others. When this malware gets into your system it launches a fake hard drive scan and then claims that you have multiple errors in your hard drive related to system memory and system performance. After the scan you are offered to defragment the hard drive in order to optimize the system performance, but FakeSysdef Trojan does not live up to its promises, because it is nothing, but a dangerous system threat. You have to remove FakeSysdef Trojan from your computer immediately to resume an optimal system performance.

The key point is to understand that there is nothing legitimate about FakeSysdef Trojan and the programs it brings. Not to mention, you do not experience the problems HDD Defragmenter or File Recovery tell you about. If you notice that your computer is performing slower than the usual, it is because FakeSysdef Trojan slows down the system performance on purpose, so that you would think there is something wrong with your computer and consequently use the fake system defragmenter to fix it.

During the malware installation, the FakeSysdef Trojan installer drops a DLL file into common system processes, including Explorer.exe, WinLongon.exe and Wininet.exe. Once installed the malicious components run with every Windows restart, and FakeSysdef Trojan also drops a shortcut icon on your desktop, and a Start Menu entry. There will also be a Task Bar icon for the fake defragmenter.

Once the infection is complete, FakeSysdef Trojan can change your desktop wallpaper and disable Task Manager so that you would not be able to kill its processes. Also it does not allow you to check for signatures on downloaded programs and terminates processes that could be used for malware removal. FakeSysdef Trojan could easily block every single program to display a fake error message that says you have experienced a critical error and you have to fix it. FakeSysdef Trojan can also connect to a remote server behind your back, so you have to terminate this infection no matter what.

Do not pay a single cent for the service that cannot deliver. Invest in a reliable antimalware tool that will help you to remove FakeSysdef Trojan automatically and your system settings will be restored. Do not hesitate any longer and do it now. Or else your computer will be complete taken over by FakeSysdef Trojan.

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