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EuqalTab Extension falls under the classification of potentially unwanted programs (PUPs). Our specialists decided to categorize it this way after testing it themselves. Apparently, they learned the plugin might change user’s homepage with an untrustworthy search engine that could display possibly harmful third-party advertisements. If you wish to find out more details about the described tool, we encourage you to have a look at of our full article as, later on in it, we will talk about the PUP’s working manner and the suspicious search engine it might add on the affected browser. Since our specialists believe EuqalTab Extension is quite a worthless application and users could find more beautiful and most importantly reliable web pages for their browsers’ homepages, we urge you not to waste any time with it. If you think it might be best to erase it too, you could acquire a reliable security tool or use the instructions provided below the article.

EuqalTab Extension’s homepage is called and just as it is currently one of the web pages allowing to download the plugin. It is also known that adware, browser hijackers, or PUPs can travel with bundled software installers. Therefore, our specialists do not cast away a possibility the application could be distributed through doubtful P2P file-sharing networks where it might be offered with similarly untrustworthy software. Nevertheless, there are things you could do to avoid bundled programs. For instance, when you launch a setup file, make sure you pick the advanced or custom installation settings. This way the user should be able to review additional suggestions and even deselect them. Of course, there are malicious setup files that do not allow to deselect or even inform the user about bundled tools. In this situation, it would be helpful to have a reliable security tool as it may detect possible threats and warn you.

If EuqalTab Extension manages to settle in on your Google Chrome, the plugin may change your browser’s default homepage or even new tab page. The new site might look fun and useful, but our specialists determined it uses a custom Google search engine. The reason we believe it might be best to use the original is because there is a chance the modified one could show results injected with ads from the PUP’s third-party partners. Not all of this content could be potentially harmful; still some of it might be, for example, the advertisements may lead to web pages asking for personal or sensitive data or sites asking to install fake updates, malicious software, other unreliable applications similar to the PUP, etc. If you would rather keep away from such content and would not like to endanger your system, we recommend replacing the described search engine with a more reputable one. This you should be able to do as soon as you remove EuqalTab Extension from your browser.

Users who choose to erase the suspicious plugin could use the instructions we added at the end of this text as the provided steps will explain how to eliminate EuqalTab Extension through the affected browsers settings step by step. If the process still looks a bit complicated or you believe there might be other unreliable or even possibly harmful software on the system, it might be best to acquire a reliable antimalware tool and use its automatic features instead.

Get rid of EuqalTab Extension

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Press ALT+F.
  3. Choose Settings.
  4. Select More tools.
  5. Go to Extensions.
  6. Find EuqalTab Extension.
  7. Tap the recycle bin button located next to it.
  8. Click Remove.
Download Remover for EuqalTab Extension *
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