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It might seem unbelievable, but a single file such as Erdey.exe could be accountable for some of the questionable advertisements displayed on your browser. If you recently noticed an increasing amount of irritating ads, it might be the time to clean up your computer from untrustworthy software. Apparently, the file could be placed on the system together with a browser hijacker. It is impossible to miss an appearance of such a program as it almost always settles on the browser by changing particular preferences like start page, new tab page or search engine. If you suspect Erdey.exe could be on the computer together with some browser hijacker, we recommend reading the rest of the text to find out more details about the threats. Also, you could check the instructions located below to learn how to erase the file manually.

Our specialists researched Erdey.exe and found out that it might be spread with the browser hijackers mainly created by a company called ELEX. We recognize this publisher as it has signed some of the browser hijackers that we have tested in the past. Therefore, if your search engine or homepage was suddenly replaced with a website created by ELEX, we advise you to find more information about it or just get rid of it.

These applications may have the ability to modify search results and inject them with advertisements that could be potentially harmful, so it might be safer to delete these threats instead of leaving them unattended. To eliminate a particular browser hijacker, you should look for a unique removal guide created specifically for it or try to reset the browser as it helps sometimes. However, even though Erdey.exe might have been installed at the same time as the hijacker it is distributed with, these threats cannot be erased together. In other words, the file is placed in another directory, and it has to be deleted separately.

According to our specialists, Erdey.exe settles in by creating randomly titled folders in the following locations: C:\program files, C:\program files (x86). Then the process might update the browser hijacker it is related with whenever there is an available update. At the same time, the threat might show you potentially harmful third-party ads. Such content could lead you to malicious web pages containing Trojans, viruses, etc. Other ads could promote different browser hijackers, adware, and other untrustworthy software you should better avoid.

All things considered, there are no reasons to keep Erdey.exe on the computer. If it is unattended, the process might download various updates for unreliable programs or advertise you potentially malicious content. Luckily, there are two ways you could get rid of it. Firstly, you can use the instructions located at the end of this text. They will show you how to eliminate the file manually. The second option is to install reliable antimalware software. With its scanning tool users can remove not only Erdey.exe but also the browser hijacker that might have been installed together or even other possible threats.

Erase Erdey.exe

  1. Access the Task Manager by pressing this combination Ctrl+Alt+Delete.
  2. Find Erdey.exe among other processes, select it and click End task.
  3. Then open the File Explorer by pressing Windows Key+E.
  4. Locate the listed directories: %PROGRAMFILES%, %Programfiles(x86)%
  5. Search for randomly named folders containing Erdey.exe.
  6. Right-click these folders and select Delete to erase both the file and its folder.
  7. Empty the Recycle Bin.
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