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The only way to make sure that is not set as your search engine is not to install the extension MyEmailTab. This extension is available for download at and the Chrome Web Store. Also, it seems that it can also find alternative ways to enter computers. Therefore, specialists at were not surprised at all when they found that this software is quite popular these days. There are, of course, users who feel that this application has entered their computers without permission; however, some of them exactly know when and how they have downloaded and installed this extension. We have noticed that people usually install it for an ability to access their email accounts with just one click. Even though this extension really seems to be beneficial, users quickly find out that MyEmailTab only sets a different search engine, i.e. and does not do anything else. If you do not need such a useless piece of software on your PC, you need to delete it right now. Our security specialists support this idea because they have found that might even expose users to potential threats. You will find out more about this questionable search tool in this article. If it happens that you decide to erase it after reading this report, you could use our instructions (they are put below this article).

Before we talk about the deletion of the MyEmailTab and, it should be clear to you why it is better to replace this search tool with a more trustworthy search engine. We do not say that is very bad. In fact, it shows search results like any other search tool, and it even helps users to access third-party web pages faster (users, for example, need to click on a quick access button once to open Facebook). Even though cannot be called a very bad tool, research has shown for us that its main problem is the presence of the sponsored content on the search results page. Advertisements and third-party links are put there to make sure that users click on them and thus generate money for the developer. Of course, users do not get anything from this. To be frank, they might just even infect their PCs with malware because these ads and links take them to third-party websites. Not all these websites are bad, but it is impossible to foresee when you would end up on one of those corrupted ones, which means that you risk causing harm to your PC every day by using

Actually, it is important to remove not only to protect your PC from harm, but also to make sure that your privacy is not violated. The first sentence in the Privacy Policy document of says that you “consent to the data practices and information collection” by using the service. Also, there are provided all types of information this questionable tool collects. We have found that it is interested in technical information, usage information, support-related information, and your “interactions on social networks through the Software & Services.” Believe us; details collected by this search tool might tell much about you to third parties, so it would be better to keep this information to yourself if you do not wish to experience the privacy violation. To be honest, not much you can do to protect your privacy, so we suggest simply erasing or disabling the MyEmailTab extension responsible for the presence of It would be wise to install an automatic tool that would protect you from harm 24/7 too.

No matter you download the MyEmailTab software from its official website, the Chrome Web Store, or it sneaks onto the computer differently, e.g. in a software bundle, you will notice immediately that the settings of your browser have been changed, and you could see a new extension in the list of add-ons. Researchers at say that these are not the only symptoms indicating its presence, for instance, it has been found that a new folder will also be created in %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions if you install MyEmailTab. This folder, e.g. icnggmipgkebapoemlnmgbiccecglnme has a random name. Do not worry; it will disappear together with a questionable search tool and the MyEmailTab extension.

You need to remove the folder that belongs to this extension in order not to see it ever again. If it is hard for you to do that yourself, you can use an automatic malware remover, e.g. SpyHunter or, at least, simply reset the settings of your Google Chrome browser to default. It does not matter which way you decide to get rid of this software because the most important thing is that you manage to erase it fully.

How to remove

  1. Press Win+E on your keyboard.
  2. Copy %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions and paste in the URL bar.
  3. Tap Enter.
  4. Locate the folder that belongs to MyEmailTab, e.g. icnggmipgkebapoemlnmgbiccecglnme.
  5. Delete it.
  6. Close and open your browser again.
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