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As the name implies, eAdvisor Ads is an adware-type program, a browser extension for Chrome that was designed to inject various advertisements and coupons into the websites you visit. Removing this program is highly recommended because there is no telling whether its shady ads are safe to click. Furthermore, this program can end up on your PC accidentally because it comes bundled with third-party software installers. Nevertheless, it is not its only distribution channel. If you want to find out more about this extension, we invite you to read this whole article.

We do not know where this browser extension comes from exactly, but it is featured on the Chrome Web Store, and the store says that eAdvisor Ads is offered by Shopmania.ro, a Romanian online shopping website. This site is entirely legitimate, so we do not expect this program to promote anything that does not come from this particular site. Now, apart from being featured on the Chrome Web Store, you can find this application on its main distribution website at Eadvisor.apps-advisor.net. However, the site does not attract many users, so it appears that the developers have resorted to bundling this extension with third-party software that is hosted on freeware sharing sites. The installers might not allow you to uncheck the installation of eAdvisor Ads or simply hide its presence so that you would install it unwillingly.

We have found that particular adware is identical to programs such as Enhance Pro and Pro Flip, so it is clear that its developers will release more clones in the future. eAdvisor Ads is promoted as “The most effective web advisor, directly in your Chrome browser.” Apparently, this application will provide you with the best deals and the lowest prices. While this program is offered by Eadvisor.apps-advisor.net, it is not entirely clear whether it provides content from other online stores. Nevertheless, its website states that this program is “an add-on that shows you where to find the lowest price for almost any product that you may be looking to buy on various online stores.” So we assume that it might offer content from other sites. However, these sites are unknown, and it is possible that some of those sites can show malicious links. While we have no concrete information on whether this adware can show malicious ads, we are most definitely sure that its coupons are annoying and intrusive and if you got it on your PC, then you should consider uninstalling it.

eAdvisor Ads is a typical adware that was designed to show you promoted content in the form of coupons. While some websites feature coupons by default, you should not trust eAdvisor Ads because its origins are unknown and there is no telling whether its promoted content is safe. This program was created for the single purpose of generating advertising revenue. So, if you have it on your PC, then you should consider removing it, and you can do that by consulting our guide featured below.

Remove from Google Chrome

  1. Open the browser.
  2. Press Alt+F and select More tools.
  3. Click Extensions.
  4. Find eAdvisor (Varified)
  5. Click the Remove button.
Download Remover for eAdvisor Ads *
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eAdvisor Ads
eAdvisor Ads
eAdvisor Ads


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