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DropinSavings is said to be a browser plug-in displaying various coupons. The application can be downloaded form the official website dropinsaving.com where different coupons are available as well. If you are sure that you have not downloaded this annoying tool on your own, you might have installed a different program whose installer contains DropinSavings and have not noticed some check boxes providing you with an option to chose whether to install it or not.

Some people find this very annoying and want to remove or disable the extension from the browsers without realising that the coupons are not the only threat. DropinSavings can collect identifiable and non-identifiable information and send it to a third party company, which is stated in the Privacy Policy. After the transfer of the information collected, you may receive pop-up ads related to the objects of your interest.

Moreover, along with the plug-in you may receive third-party software which is likely to be a search engine which will transmit your IP to the search engine provider which will list your search results after you enter your keyword in the search box. It is also claimed that before sending your information to a third party you will by informed about the transmission in order to choose whether the information can or cannot be sent.

Even thought all these possible actions are described in the Privacy Policy, we recommend that you remove DropinSavings from your system so that you do not have to bother yourself with your privacy issues. Below you will find instructions on how to uninstall the application manually, but you should keep in mind that even after the manual removal of DropinSavings, it is highly advisable to scan the system in order to delete, for example, unnecessary registry entries related to the extension.

Google Chrome:

1. Open the browser.
2. Click on Settings - > Tools - > Extensions.
3. Select DropinSavings and click on the Uninstall button.

Mozilla Firefox:

1. After opening the browser, click on Tools.
2. Select Add-ons.
3. Select the unwanted extension and uninstall it.

To uninstall the plug-in from other browsers, go to the Control Panel and select “Add or Remove Program” (Windows XP) or “Programs/Features” (Windows Vista/7) and uninstall DropinSavings.

Now we advise you to download our free scanner which is available below and scan the system to find out what malicious components are left in the system. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below.

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