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Browser extensions and add-ons are meant to improve your Internet surfing operations. Despite this, applications like DropDownDeals affirm that you need to be extremely cautious when installing any type of programs onto the personal computer. This browser extension is considered suspicious, precarious and even unwanted, because it is linked to Yontoo programs. The applications can enter computers together via bundled downloads and even do it without your knowledge, and this indicates that you should deliberate DropDownDeals removal.

Even though the extension can only be installed on Mozilla Firefox browsers, it has evoked a wave of complaints from computer users all over the world. People complain about overtaken disk space, interrupted browsing and inability to disable or remove DropDownDeals when required. Additionally, it is said that the application does not do what it was created for which is to display virtual coupons as you visit shops online.

Even though the extension seem to offer you some useful services, it is obvious that not all of its users are happy. It is also likely that you find continuously displayed online ads highly irritating as well. Although the advertisement will be displayed for DropDownDeals developers’ profit, you should not pay attention or click on them, as this could route you to sites with malicious content.

Even though the browser extension is legitimate and is meant to offer you useful services, you should not trust it without any precaution. You may need to delete DropDownDeals if you notice any suspicious programs running on your browser. You can do that by clicking on the Control Panel and operating in the Add or Remove Programs (Windows XP) or Uninstall Program (Windows Vista/7/8) utilities. To ensure that the application has been deleted and no other suspicious programs are running, you should also remove the add-on from your browser and install SpyHunter’s free scanner which will investigate your PC.

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