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Downloadware is an infamous adware downloading program, which you may also recognize by names Adware.Downloadware or Adware:Win32/Downloadware. The malicious program can be installed on your operating system without any knowledge, which may help schemers hide it from detection and removal. Regardless, the application produces relatively notable symptoms, and if you identify them quickly, you may be able to delete Downloadware before serious financial harm is caused. Please continue reading to learn more about the dangerous infection.

It has been noticed that the malicious application could be downloaded onto your PC via security gaps and loopholes. It is not a secret that spam email attachments, encrypted or bundled downloads, social engineering scams, and similar tricks can be used to infiltrate malware. Despite this, computer users fail to recognize how important it is to implement real, automatic malware deterrence and removal software.

Once schemers drop all malignant Downloadware components onto the computer, it may start running slowly. This; however, is not the worst symptom, and you have to be careful about the processes that the files could initiate. For example, WinTimer.exe (C:\Program Files\WinTimer\WinTimer.exe) is a cloaked component that can reconfigure Windows Registry, tamper with the auto-start programs, delete processes and employ TCP ports to spy on you. Needless to say, you need to be extra careful with this file’s removal because you do not want to delete an original Windows component with the same name.

You should also detect and delete nsq9E.exe, msabuaf.scr and AcroIEHelpe073.dll, which is an authentic Adobe component that schemers could modify to execute suspicious tasks. Also beware of rootkit nbt.exe, which may hide Downloadware from removal, msguard.exe, which can hijack and delete processes, and two adware downloading components rh.dll (SmartPops) and questbasic.exe (AdLoad). All of these components need to be removed.

Even though Downloadware removal may be an impossible task for those who wish to carry out manual removal operations, because of rootkit functionalities, it can be deleted with the assistance of SpyHunter. This automatic threat removal tool will quickly detect and destroy any malignant components. So, once you notice that the PC is running sluggishly, the browser is corrupted and the screen is being bombarded by questionable online ads – inspect the PC at once and delete Downloadware if found.

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*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter.


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