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DownloadBoss is nothing more than a potentially unwanted program that we suggest removing as it has no practical value whatsoever. Its website states that “DownloadBoss gives you full control your downloads, allowing you to pause, cancel and resume each download individually.” However, Google Chrome for which this program was created already has these abilities, so there is no point of having such an extension. Furthermore, this extension has been programmed to change Chrome’s new tab page to a search engine called We argue that this search engine is unreliable as it is prone to display promotional links and gather certain information about you. In this article we will provide with information regarding this extension’s origins as well as how it works, so let us get started.

Let us start by taking a look at where this program came from. The company that published DownloadBoss is called However, we do not have any information about this publisher. It is supposed to be some kind of a website, but for some reason it currently does not work. This extension’s promotional website at does not give any reference to its publisher or developer as well which only makes this program even more suspicious. This website features a download button, but it does not install DownloadBoss directly. It actually redirects to the Chrome Web Store that hosts its download. It is not the first time Chrome Web Store has hosted potentially unwanted programs. In the past we have written about ScreenFreak New Tab, TuneJunkies New Tab, and Video Search Tools Plus that are also known to be featured on it.

Now that you know how DownloadBoss is distributed, let us discuss how it works. As mentioned, this browser extension would like you to believe that it offers something unique, but it does not. Basically, everything that it offers is already there is Google Chrome. However, it has one undesirable feature that is worthy of taking a closer look. Our research that DownloadBoss’s featured search engine called is made by the same developers. As far as we know,’s searches are channeled via Bing, but the downside is that the former search engine can inject promotional links to potentially unreliable third parties. Furthermore, both how DownloadBoss and have been set up to gather information about you. By using their services, you automatically grant its developers the right to collect anonymous information about you such as domain names, IP addresses and type of browsers that you may use, URLs you have visited, referring URLs, and other, non-personally identifiable information.

If you disapprove of these actions being carried about behind your back, then there is only one thing you can do — remove DownloadBoss altogether. With functionality like this there is no wonder why its developers chose to stay in the shadows. Its download management abilities are laughable as this program provides functions that are already present in Chrome. However, the search engine is a more serious matter as it is truly untrustworthy. So feel free to remove DownloadBoss.

How to remove DownloadBoss from Google Chrome

  1. Tap Alt+F.
  2. Click More tools and go to Extensions.
  3. Find the extension and click Remove.
Download Remover for DownloadBoss *
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