DotZeroCMD Ransomware Removal Guide

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Getting infected with DotZeroCMD Ransomware is one of the rare examples when we can call you lucky to have been infected with ransomware. Not because you must have been careless enough to allow such a ransomware infection to enter your system, but because this malware infection is not a real ransomware; well, not just yet, at least. It is possible that this threat was written as a joke or it could also be still under development. The truth is, it is a scareware, which only threatens you with the encryption of your files to extort money from you in exchange for the decryption key; however, this ransomware does not encrypt anything on your system. Of course, we cannot claim that there will not be a future version that will be finished with the capability of encrypting your files. In any case, it is important that you remove DotZeroCMD Ransomware from your computer as soon as possible. Please read our full article if you would like to avoid similar infections in the future.

We have not got too much information yet about the distribution method used in this case, but it is most likely that you will find this scareware spreading via spam emails. Most cybercriminals use this method preferably because they can reach lots of potential victims within a short time frame. This spam has an attachment, which may appear to be a picture or a Word document file, but it is indeed the malicious executable file in disguise. It is possible that even the file type icon will be matching the file type. It is essential, as you can see, that you do not open suspicious mails and their attachments, either. Such a spam may appear totally convincing and you may really believe that it is important for you to open it. However, the message itself may only instruct you to check out the attached file. But when you run this file, you activate this malicious threat and in a few minutes tops your files could be inaccessible due to encryption in the case of a real and working ransomware. Just because this scareware does not seem to damage your files this time, it does not mean it cannot become a dangerous threat in the near future. This is why we advise you to delete DotZeroCMD Ransomware as soon as possible.

This fake ransomware program uses the downloaded file to operate from. It displays an annoying flashing window first with a yellow background and a large skull and bones symbol made from characters like the dollar sign. After a few minutes, this screen changes and you will see a black background with the ransom note. This note tells you that you have to pay a certain amount of cryptocurrency to get your files back. You can contact these criminals at However, as we have already explained, there is no encryption going on. The other good bit of news is that your screen is not locked, either. This malware infection does not block or disable your major system processes, so there is nothing standing in the way; you can easily remove DotZeroCMD Ransomware right away. Let us tell you how.

Since this ransomware infection operates through the file you downloaded and ran, all you need to do after you exit this ransom note window is follow our guide below to delete this file from your system. Once you are done with this, it is also advisable to use a reliable online malware scanner to find all other threats that may be hiding on your system. If you want to protect your computer more efficiently, you may want to consider installing a powerful anti-malware application like SpyHunter. Of course, you can choose any security software you may prefer but make sure that you download a reliable one from an official website not to end up with a rogue program that could bring you more threat than peace of mind.

How to remove DotZeroCMD Ransomware

  1. Close the ransom note window by clicking the X button in the top right corner.
  2. Press Win+E to open your File Explorer.
  3. Locate and delete the malicious .exe file you executed before seeing this ransom note window.
  4. Empty your Recycle Bin.
  5. Restart your PC.
Download Remover for DotZeroCMD Ransomware *
*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter.

DotZeroCMD Ransomware Screenshots:

DotZeroCMD Ransomware
DotZeroCMD Ransomware
DotZeroCMD Ransomware

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