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Users in Austria are now attacked by a new ransomware infection called Der Computer ist Blockiert. This infection intends to steal your money by requiring you to pay a 100 euro fee for a crime you haven't committed. When you are infected with this ransomware, you cannot access your desktop, because the whole screen is blocked with the program's interface. Der Computer ist Blockiert pretends to be delivering a notification from the Austrian Police Office while in fact it only wants to scare you and push you into spending your money for nothing.

Naturally, Der Computer ist Blockiert is not the first ransomware application that has emerged in Austria. It belongs to the Ukash Virus group of computer infections that has been very prominent this year. There are a lot of localized versions of these infections, including the infamous FBI Moneypak, GVU Virus, GEMA Virus, Bundespolizei Virus and others. The main point is that you cannot believe in Der Computer ist Blockiert, so do not panic when you see the following notification on your screen:

Ergab folgende Verstosse:
* Herunterladen von Video-Aufzeichnung oder Ubermittlung von pornographischem Material mit Minderjährigen, Kinderpornografie, einen Garten, und Gewalt gegen Kinder. Die Verwendung von Raubkopien Audio-Video-Aufnahemn und deren Verteilung.

Um den Computer zu entsperren, mussen Sie eine Strafe zahlen. In Ubereinstimmung mit den Gesetzen von Osterreich, dar Aquivalent von 100 € fur 3 Tage.

Der Computer ist Blockiert orders you to pay 100 euro within 3 days in order to unlock your computer. It also says that you can avoid being prosecuted for recording and transmission of pornographic material involving minors if you pay the penalty on time. However, your computer will not be unlocked even if you pay Der Computer ist Blockiert the fine. Instead, you should remove Der Computer ist Blockiert from your computer right now, and you can bypass its defense if you do the following:

Windows Vista & Windows 7

  1. Restart your computer.
  2. Start tapping F8 key once BIOS screen disappears. If you see Windows logo appear, restart the computer and try again.
  3. Select Safe Mode with Networking from Advanced Boot Options menu and press Enter.
  4. Go to and download SpyHunter.
  5. Install the program and perform a full system scan to remove Der Computer ist Blockiert.

Windows XP

  1. Repeats steps 1, 2 and 3 from the instructions above.
  2. Click Yes when a confirmation dialog box appears.
  3. Download SpyHunter.
  4. Open Start Menu and launch Run.
  5. Type "msconfig" into the blank box. Hit Enter.
  6. Click Startup tab on System Configuration Utility.
  7. Click Disable All, click OK and exit he utility.
  8. Restart computer in Normal Mode.
  9. Install SpyHunter and terminate the ransomware infection.

If something does not work, leave a comment below and we will help you out.

Download Remover for Der Computer ist Blockiert *
*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter.


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