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Darkodercrypt0r Ransomware is a computer infection which gets installed without the user's knowledge and encrypts files so that they are no longer usuable. When this malicious program encrypts files, a deceptive window containing the information about the changes made is displayed. More specifically, the ransom pop-up window is displayed when the user attempts to open an encrypted file. According to the ransom warning, the victim has to pay a release fee of 300 dollars in the form of bitcoins, a type of digital currency, within a particular time. It is highly advisable to ignore the requirement to pay up as the odds are that the criminals will do nothing to restore the data encrypted. Moreover, the Darkodercrypt0r Ransomware is not considered as dangerous as other ransomware infections, including the ransomware called WanaCrypt0r, as it encrypts only text (.txt) files. Nevertheless, it is essential to remove the Darkodercrypt0r Ransomware from the computer and take measures to prevent similar issues in the future.

Malware researchers have noticed that the Darkodercrypt0r Ransomware is visually very similar to the Wana Decrypt0r Ransomware. The layouts, including colors and design, are almost identical. Moreover, the wording of the two ransom messages are alike. The major difference is that the Wana malware is capable of encrypting a wide range of files, including the most popular ones, such as .docx, .png, .pdf, and .jpg. The Darkodercrypt0r Ransomware seems to be in its initial or test stage due to the fact that only .txt files get affected. Like most ransomware infections, the Darkodercrypt0r ransomware adds its extension .DARCRY to the encrypted files. The file name remains unaffected, only the extension is appended.

We can only speculate on further modifications of the this threat. According to the warning in the DarkoderCrypt0r window, your documents, photos, videos, databases, and some other files are encrypted, which usually means that those files cannot be used as usual. In reality, the Darkodercrypt0r Ransomware is capable of encrypting only one type of files, but that does not mean that your computer cannot get infected by a more dangerous threat.

The victim is also assured that it is possible to recover the encrypted files safely and easily, but that is supposedly done after paying the money. Instead of wasting your money, you should disregard all the statements given in the warning and remove the Darkodercrypt0r Ransomware from the computer.

The attackers give their victims 5 days to pay the ransom; otherwise, as the ransom warning suggests, the user will lose his/her archives. A deadline is usually given only to compel the user to make a payment. In order to protect anonymity, the attackers now prefer bitcoins, which are sent to an online wallet. In the case of the Darkodercrypt0r Ransomware, the user is expected to spend 300 dollars on bitcoins and send the release fee to the wallet 1KoWzXydNnrRfu2mcSbY6n7mnevkvQ6WBU.

To prevent any future data lost, you should regularly back up your data. New ransomware infections are released on a daily basis, and they are created for the only purpose – to lure money from unsuspecting computer users.

In most cases, infections such as the Darkodercrypt0r Ransomware arrive at the PC alongside other malware programs. Sometimes it is enough to access an unreliable website distributing software or click on an malicious link which supposedly takes you to another page. When you are dealing with malware, nobody asks your permission. A computer connected to the Internet should be properly protected against malware and spyware. The range of computer threats is very wide, and you cannot know what malware you can come across while surfing the Net. This means that it is not enough to remove the Darkodercrypt0r Ransomware. The operating system and your personal data, such as files, passwords, and software, have to be protected.

Our instructions below will help you remove the Darkodercrypt0r Ransomware from the computer. Even though the infection does not create its registry entries or files, it is worth scanning the computer to make sure that no other unwanted programs are running on your PC. Ransomware infections are very often delivered to a computer by other malware programs, so keep in mind that the Darkodercrypt0r Ransomware may be not the only one on your computer.

How to remove Darkodercrypt0r Ransomware

  1. Open Windows Explorer by pressing W+E.
  2. Check the folders Downloads and Desktop for malicious files.
  3. Delete malicious files.
  4. If no files related to the ransomware are spotted, press Win+R.
  5. Type in temp and press Enter.
  6. Delete questionable files.
  7. Empty the Recycle Bin.
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Darkodercrypt0r Ransomware Screenshots:

Darkodercrypt0r Ransomware
Darkodercrypt0r Ransomware


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