Cycbot trojan Removal Guide

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Cycbot trojan is a computer infection that is classified as a backdoor Trojan. It means that it enters your system surreptitiously and then performs certain changes that allows other malicious programs to access your computer unauthorized. Also, Cycbot trojan allows unauthorized control of your computer, and you might remain oblivious to what is going for a considerable amount of time.

When Cycbot trojan gets into your system, it immediately adds a registry enters that makes sure the malicious code runs automatically with your system. This Trojan is very good at hiding itself, because upon the installation it copies its main file to this location:

C:\documents and settings\administrator\application data\microsoft\svchost.exe

As you can see, Cycbot trojan poses as svchost.exe that is actually legitimate system file. This process file is almost always running, and thus if you check your Task Manager and see svchost.exe you are very likely to mistake Cycbot trojan for a legitimate Windows process. However, apart from svchost.exe, there are also process files that could betray the Trojan's presence in your system. That would be shell.exe and dwm.exe. These two files are also closely related to Cycbot trojan and they are installed when the Trojan gets into your system.

Once the Trojan is installed, it connects to a remote server to receive more commands on what to do next. It has been observed that this Trojan connects to a lot of servers including:

When the Trojan is connected to a server, it can easily download and execute various malicious files. As it has been mentioned above, Cycbot trojan is a backdoor Trojan, so it allows other malware application to get into a target computer. As far as Cycbot trojan is concerned, it is known to download and install such rogue antispyware applications as Rogue:Win32/FakePAV (includes CleanThis, Palladium, ThinkPoint and other rogues).

Hence, it is strongly recommended that you remove Cycbot trojan with our featured computer security application before the infection gets too serious. Although manual removal IS possible, it is not advisable unless you are an experienced computer user. Therefore, erase Cycbot trojan automatically and make sure that no other infection gets into your computer.

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