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What was the first thought that came to mind when the Critical Vulnerability Found Popup appeared? Did you think that malware must have invaded your operating system or did you think that you were exposed to a scam? In most cases, users rush to panic about their virtual security, and that is exactly what the creator of this scam wants. If you trust that a security vulnerability was found, you might end up clicking the “OK” button represented via the pop-up mindlessly. Is this dangerous? It sure is because legitimate software is unlikely to be offered to you. At best, it would be potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) incapable of providing beneficial services and tricking users into paying for them. At worst, you could be exposed to serious malware capable of stealing personal information, downloading other malicious infections, and opening security backdoors. That is not the only way malware could be involved. Unfortunately, it is likely that you need to eliminate malware to delete Critical Vulnerability Found Popup itself.

Here is the bogus message by the Critical Vulnerability Found Popup:

Critical vulnerability found!
Download and Install ANTIVIRUS immediately!
OS type: Windows 7
Press OK to begin the repair process.

The sample we tested represented the pop-up via a page hosted on At the moment, this page is no longer active, and the bogus message appears to be disabled. Well, how are users exposed to this page? According to our researchers, there are at least two different ways in which the misleading Critical Vulnerability Found Popup could be shown. In one scenario, a malicious infection installed on the PC could be opening the misleading page. In a second scenario, the user is routed to the pop-up as they click a corrupted link or advertisement. In this case, it should be enough to close the page and move on. On the other hand, if malware is redirecting to the pop-up, it must be removed right away; otherwise, the misleading notification will keep showing up. In either case, the scam is not very complex, and more vigilant users should be able to tell that the notification is bogus. First of all, you should trust security warnings only if they are represented by your anti-malware software or the security system of your operating system. Of course, some malicious threats can create more believable warnings, but the Critical Vulnerability Found Popup is not one of them.

Critical Vulnerability Found Popup is neither the first nor the last misleading alert that schemers are using. '44-8000-903-274' Pop-Ups, Fake Windows Defender Alert, Error Code 154-247-087 Pop-up, or Code 00xo4c08 Pop-up are used in scams as well. The purpose behind all of these fake alerts is to make the user do something they should not, including calling helplines, clicking links, and, of course, downloading software. Needless to say, following the instructions represented by schemers is never a good idea. In fact, it could be a terrible idea because your virtual security could be jeopardized because of it. Once you get down to the root of the Critical Vulnerability Found Popup and figure out whether or not you must delete malware, you also need to think about the future. Will you be able to defend yourself against scams? Will you be able to tell misleading alerts from real ones?

If you do not know if you need to remove Critical Vulnerability Found Popup-related infections, we advise performing a full system scan. When you know the names of the malicious threats that require removal, please enter them one by one into the search box to find the manual removal guides you need to follow. For now, we offer instructions that might be able to help you get rid of Critical Vulnerability Found Popup. They show how to reset the browsers and get rid of unwanted extensions. In many cases, this is all that needs to be done. Also, remember that manual removal is not the only option. In fact, it might be better for you to install authentic anti-malware software. If you do, you will minimize the chances of being scammed.

How to delete Critical Vulnerability Found Popup

Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Launch the browser and tap Ctrl+Shift+A.
  2. Go to Extension and Remove the unwanted ones.
  3. Launch the Help menu by tapping Alt+H.
  4. Select Troubleshooting Information and then click Refresh Firefox.

Google Chrome:

  1. Launch the browser and enter chrome://extensions/ into the address bar.
  2. Identify the unwanted extension, click the trash bin, and select Remove.
  3. Tap Alt+F, select Settings, and then move to the bottom.
  4. Click Advanced to open more options and, finally, click the Reset button at the bottom.

Internet Explorer:

  1. Tap Win+E to launch Explorer.
  2. Enter Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features into the bar at the top.
  3. Uninstall undesirable programs.
  4. Launch the browser, tap Alt+T to access the Tools menu and click Internet options.
  5. Click the Advanced tab, click Reset, choose Delete personal settings, and click Reset.
Download Remover for Critical Vulnerability Found Popup *
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