Cridex Trojan Removal Guide

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The surreptitious and dangerous Cridex Trojan (or Trojan.Win32.Yakes, W32.Cridex) could attack your computer, whether it was running on Windows 95, Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows Vista. The malignant program could be propagated using spam email attachments or spam links posted using social networking websites and online chat accounts. Nonetheless, multiple other security backdoors could be utilized to trick you into letting malignant infection’s components into your personal computer. The vicious program is extremely dangerous, and mostly because it can hide from detection and removal. Despite this, having Cridex Trojan deleted is very important, and if you continue reading, you will find out how to remove the dangerous infection and ensure that your computer is cleared from any devious infections.

The malicious Cridex Trojan’s files are most likely to be hidden within the Application Data folder under Documents and Settings. If you are sure you will be able to remove the infection manually without making any fatal mistakes, you should firstly look out for items with random file names. Such elements as kb00483934.exe are unlikely to be a legitimate part of your operating Windows system; nonetheless, before having any components deleted, you should research first. If you miss out one malignant file, your PC will remain infected, so you should be extremely careful about manual Cridex Trojan removal. Malignant components might remove administrative privileges, disrupt regular programs’ running, tamper with Internet browser and could even download more malicious applications. The infectious files could even taper with the Windows Registry and change the value of GlobalUserOffline to ensure that malignant processes run in the offline mode. Moreover, these files can connect to remote servers using 8080 port (e.g., so that cyber criminals could take over the control of your PC.

As mentioned before, manual Cridex Trojan removal is quite complex and only experienced Windows users will be able to succeed. If you are not sure whether you are up for the task, you could install automatic removal tools to delete the Trojan. In fact, this option is much faster, easier and can guarantee further system’s protection. This is essential if you use your computer to log into personal accounts and you do not want cyber criminals to get control over your computer.

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