COPAN Ransomware Removal Guide

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How safe are you online? If you cannot say that you are extremely safe, COPAN Ransomware is one of the many threats that you need to keep on your mind. They can slither in using spam emails, bundled downloaders, hijacked accounts, and using various security vulnerabilities. The threat is disguised and hidden, and so if you think that you would recognize it right away, you need to think again. Ransomware is clandestine. It needs to be that way because if victims can unveil the attack immediately, it might be impossible, and cyber criminals are relying on this infection to attack successfully, otherwise, they will not succeed at extorting money from you. Of course, even if this malware got in, that does not mean that you need to succumb to the demands of cyber criminals. You could just focus on deleting COPAN Ransomware because this dangerous threat is trash that must be taken out right away.

COPAN Ransomware was built using the Dharma Ransomware code, and so it works just like Php Ransomware, Dqb Ransomware, 0day Ransomware, and many other threats. Our research team analyzes, removes, and reports all of them, and so if you are interested, check out other available articles and removal guides. All in all, although these threats are very similar, they have some differences too. COPAN Ransomware, for example, adds the “.COPAN” extension to the files it corrupts. This extension is just a marker, and if you delete it, the files will not get back to normal. In fact, your files can be restored only if you have a decryptor. Where is it? At the moment, only cyber criminals have it, and they want money for it. So, if cyber criminals can provide you with the decryptor, shouldn’t you just follow their instructions? That is your decision, but we do not recommend it because no one can force the attackers to give you the decryptor. When you pay the ransom in Bitcoins, no one will be able to track your transaction and force the cyber crooks to fulfill the exchange completely.

Although COPAN Ransomware deletes itself after encryption, before that, it launches a window with a ransom note (title of the window is “”), and it also creates a file named “HOW TO DECRYPT FILES.txt.” The window ransom note suggests that files were encrypted “due to a security problem,” and it instructs to send a unique ID code – which is included – to The message also reveals that a ransom paid in Bitcoins will be expected in return for the decryptor. The .TXT file message is shorter, and it simply displays the ID code along with the email address. You can easily remove the file and close the window, and no one can force you to communicate with cyber criminals, but since free decryption is not possible, you might be willing to do whatever it takes to get your files back. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees. Even if you send a message and then pay the ransom as instructed, you could still be stuck in the exact same position; except that you would have less money.

Are you sure that COPAN Ransomware removed itself? That is something that you need to check because even though it should exit without your effort, we cannot predict exactly what would happen in every case. Checking the system for potentially leftover malware manually could be extremely difficult, but you do not need to do it all on your own. You can implement a free malware scanner to help you examine your operating system. You also can install anti-malware software. This software can scan, clean, and protect your entire system at once, and so our team recommends installing it right away. Even if you can remove COPAN Ransomware and replace corrupted files using backups, you still need reliable protection. You now know how easy it is for malware to slither into vulnerable systems, and so you should do everything to ensure full-time protection.

How to delete COPAN Ransomware

  1. Check if the infection deleted itself using a reliable malware scanner.
  2. If leftovers are discovered, erase them quickly.
  3. Delete the file named HOW TO DECRYPT FILES.txt that represents the ransom note.
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