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Coolwebsearch toolbar, or simply CoolWebSearch, is a browser hijacker that usually travels alongside free downloads from both legal and illegal sources. If the application does enter the PC using bundled downloads, it does not require authorization to be activated within the operating system. This is the first sign indicating the potential danger behind the seemingly harmless browser plugin. Overall, you should not even think of installing this application onto your browser, and if it is running already, rush to implement automatic removal tools and have Coolwebsearch toolbar deleted.

Like regular browser hijackers, Coolwebsearch toolbar can redirect your search results, filter them, collect information about your online habits and utilize this sensitive information in various schemes. Hence, once the toolbar is activated within your IE, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browsers, you need to stay clear of alluring online advertisements that could be hiding malware setups or financial scams. These deceptive tricks will be enabled by such malicious files as DNLDC.ocx, mslq32.dll or xplugin.dll. Even though you will need to delete tens of malicious files before Coolwebsearch toolbar is removed from your operating system, you should be most careful with rsysinit.exe and services.exe components that can strengthen the rest of the malign files.

Rsysinit.exe is responsible for reconfiguring the Windows Registry, adding RUN codes to start-up programs and creating toolbar extensions for Internet browsers. Additionally, the infection can initiate spam email creation and is polymorphic, which makes this executable extremely difficult to remove. Services.exe is even more cunning, as it can disrupt Windows Security Center and Firewall functions, create connections to remote servers and download malicious browser extensions (e.g. BHO). Clearly, these files will not be easy to remove, which means that you are likely to have troubles with overall Coolwebsearch toolbar removal.

Even if you are experienced with manual removal tasks, you should not think that you can treat the malicious browser hijacker as a regular browser plugin. Having Coolwebsearch toolbar deleted is much more complicated, and you should trust automatic removal applications (e.g. SpyHunter) to inspect your PC and remove all existing infections. If you do not hesitate to invest your money into reliable security tools, the malignant toolbar will be deleted and your operating system will gain full-time protection.

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