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Cleanup Tool ads are misleading pop-up notifications that are displayed when browsing the Internet through the Chrome browser. These advertisements invite the user to install the Chrome Cleanup Tool which scans and removes applications that may be the cause of Chrome's malfunctions. The legitimate tool is compatible with all browsers, including Firefox and Edge. If some crashes, advertisements, new toolbars or some other irregularities are noticed, the Chrome browsers displays a prompt suggesting that you install the Chrome Cleanup Tool to eliminate undesirable software. The sad truth is that some black hat hackers have already tried to benefit from this legitimate program by using the name Cleanup Tool to deceive unsuspecting users into downloading malware.

The malicious Cleanup Tool ads are shown on the browser when users are browsing unreliable websites or when the computer is infected with malware. The good news about these counterfeit Cleanup Tool ads is that they are a visual proof that your operating system needs protection.

The fake Cleanup Tool ads can easily trick the user into click the Get the Chrome Cleanup Tool as the legitimate program is recommended to users when their PCs are indeed infected with malicious programs. Google boasts that the Chrome Cleanup Tool has already removed Conduit Toolbars, Shopper Pro, SmartBar, Dealply, AdPea, MySearch123, and some other applications. Upon clicking on the download button provided by a fake Cleanup Tool pop-up, you may end up in installing of the malware programs targeted by the real Cleanup Tool software. You should not click on the fake download button as a single click downloads malware that surreptitiously download other dangerous programs.

When analyzing the malicious Cleanup Tool ads, it turned out that they cause the download of one of these two files – official22.0.0_2.msi and chrome_cleanup_tool.1494362741040.msi. Their goal is to infect your computer with malware. Unfortunately, it is impossible to specify all possible downloads as every time a new malicious program can be downloaded, including potentially unwanted programs such as Fastfreshtabs. This application is also known as adware at it shows advertisements on different websites. The advertisements displayed may vary. They can be shown as coupons or presented as in-text ads, which means that an advertisement is displayed when the mouse cursor is hovered over an underlined word. Needless to say, such programs are created to drive more traffic to third-party websites, and you should bear in mind that you interact with those advertisements and third-party websites at your own risk.

Instead of the Fastfreshtabs program, a different program may be installed, and the consequences may be completely different. There are multiple highly dangerous threats, and by keeping your computer unprotected, you allow third parties to take control over your property. In order to prevent undesirable results, you should first take a critical look at the Cleanup Tool ads. In case you want to install the legitimate Chrome cleanup program, open its official website and download it from there so you do not risk installing malware.

The display of fake Chrome Cleanup Tool pop-ups suggests that the operating system may be affected by a harmful program. It is worth scanning the system to find the culprit. Malware and adware programs get onto computer from various websites, including freeware websites and forums with entries containing infected links. You should be aware of possible dangerous and vigilant about what the content you access and programs you want to install on your PC so that you do not have to worry about their removal in the future.

In order to have the system cleaned, it is advisable to rely on a reputable antimalware program that can detect and remove malware and spyware. Below you will find instructions how to check directories in which the malware downloader may reside. If you do not want to risk deleting some legitimate files, use our recommended program.

How to remove the downloader spread by fake Cleanup Tool ads

  1. Check the desktop for official22.0.0_2.msi or chrome_cleanup_tool.1494362741040.msi.
  2. Press Win+R and type in Downloads and press Enter.
  3. Delete unwanted files.
  4. Press Win+R and type in %Temp% and press Enter.
  5. Delete questionable files.
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