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As the interest in Bitcoins grows daily, we see more and more tools being developed to mine it and it looks like is one of such applications. It falls under the classification of adware server. The category’s name might suggest the software should display annoying pop-ups, banners, or other advertisements alike, but in this case, the threat seems to redirect the user to the same website. After this redirection, our specialists noticed the adware server employs an algorithm called “CryptoNight” and starts mining. Such activity may not exactly put your system at risk, but there is a chance it might slow its performance. Under such circumstances, our specialists recommend not to wait till something goes wrong and remove as it is useless to you immediately. Those who wish to learn how to eliminate should slide at the end of this text and users who would prefer learning more could continue reading our report.

For starters, it might be useful to know how you may come across this adware server. Our specialists say could be distributed with the help of doubtful pop-up ads that may appear on the browser after visiting doubtful web pages or downloading untrustworthy applications. Thus, if your goal is to keep the computer secure and clean, it is advisable to avoid visiting suspicious websites. Plus, instead of downloading programs from web pages containing pirated software or unreliable freeware, we recommend picking legitimate sites. Lastly, it would be easier to maintain the system protected if you would have a reliable security tool, so if you did not choose it yet, it might be a good idea to consider such an option.

Furthermore, our specialists found out the adware server is most popular in countries like United States, India, Japan, China, and France. Also, it looks like it is active since November 9, 2017, and it has a lot of other domains, for example,,,,, and so on. Mainly, after it enters the system, should redirect the user to a specific site called Afterward, the threat employs the “CryptoNight” algorithm to mine cryptocurrencies for its developers. During the mining process the application could use some of your computer’s resources to do it, and as a consequence, the system could start working slower, although our researchers did not notice any significant changes. Nonetheless, it is obvious the adware server is useless to the computer’s owner. Therefore, we believe it would be best to eliminate immediately.

It seems the threat could be removed by merely restoring the affected browser’s settings. It should not be difficult even for inexperienced users, but if you need any help to reset your browser, keep it in mind the instructions located at the end of this paragraph can guide you through this process. Moreover, if you need more help or have any questions related to, we encourage you to contact us via social media or leave a comment at the end of this page, and we will try to get back at you as fast as we can.

Get rid of

Internet Explorer

  1. Press Alt+X.
  2. Click Internet Options and pick Advanced.
  3. Click Reset and choose Delete personal settings.
  4. Press Reset again and click Close.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Tap the Help icon (top-left corner).
  2. Select Troubleshooting information.
  3. Click on Refresh Firefox.
  4. Press Refresh Firefox again and pick Finish.

Google Chrome

  1. Press Alt+F and pick Settings.
  2. Slide below and click on Advanced.
  3. Scroll below again to select Reset.
  4. Press the Reset button.
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