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Our specialists came across a threat that might be a new version of a browser hijacker titled; it is called The further research made it clear the application should fall under the classification of browser hijackers as well. It does not appear to have any advanced features. On the contrary, the redirection to shows it does not have a unique search engine of its own and so employs Google to collect all matching results for the user. The question is why anyone would need such a tool when they can surf the Internet with the original instead. If you think it would be wiser too, we advise you to get rid of this doubtful search engine with no hesitation. To help users delete, we will be placing recommended removal steps a bit below this report.

Soon after the browser hijacker appears on the system, the browser might start loading instead of user’s usual homepage or default search engine. However, keep it in mind the application can only make these changes if the user is surfing the Internet with Google Chrome. To be more precise, it cannot work on Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or any other browser besides Google Chrome. Slightly below the provided application’s search box, there might be a sentence claiming it is a “search engine that respects your privacy.” Such saying might make it sound as if the tool does not collect any information while you browse, but you should know that in reality there is some data it could record, for example, search keywords, visited web pages, or other anonymous information. No doubt, many other search engines or web pages gather such data, which is why we do not see how is any better.

Furthermore, users should also know that the browser hijacker comes from unknown developers as there is just no information about who created it. Another thing that makes our specialists doubt the application’s reliability is the way it could be spread. Apparently, could be traveling with bundled setup files of various potentially unwanted programs, different browser hijackers, or other similar threats targeted at users surfing the Internet with Google Chrome. Less careful users might overlook it if they do not read what is written on the configuration wizard. Still, no matter how important it is to pay attention to the installation process; it might be even more important to choose reliable and legitimate web pages for downloading chosen installers. Needless to say, torrent and other untrustworthy P2P file-sharing web pages are not good choices as they might be filled with bundled setup file suggesting potentially dangerous software. Of course, if your goal is to keep the system secure, you should try to avoid such sites in the future.

All things considered, we do not think can be considered as a reliable search engine. If you do not believe it is worthy of your trust too, it would be best not to wait until anything goes wrong and eliminate this browser hijacker at once. Users who prefer using automatic features could download a security tool they prefer and run a full system scan with it. Of course, if you do not mind resetting your browser and would like to erase the threat through your browser’s settings you could follow the instructions located a bit below.

Get rid of

  1. Click Alt+F at the same time.
  2. Navigate to Settings and scroll below.
  3. Select Advanced and slide down once more.
  4. Press Reset and then click the available Reset button.
  5. Restart the browser.
Download Remover for *
*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter. Screenshots:

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