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If your Mozilla Firefox ever starts opening a new website looking like an ordinary search provider –, there is no doubt that a browser hijacker has entered your system, and, following a successful entrance, has changed the settings of your browser against your will. The website set is not a legitimate search tool even though it looks like one, so its removal should be your top priority. Never trust websites that appear on your browsers without your consent. There is basically no doubt that such pages have not been set on your browsers to enhance your browsing experience. Dubious search tools browser hijackers promote are usually developed to generate the advertising revenue to their developers, so, without a doubt, they are not tools users should keep set on their browsers. The same can be said about – remove it without hesitation if you have already discovered it set as your homepage and default search provider. It is not a typical browser hijacker – you will have to erase its extension to remove it. Find more about its removal provided in the final paragraph of the article.

You should already know well that we have a negative opinion about Let us explain to you in detail why it is so. Research conducted recently by specialists to find more about this suspicious search tool has shown that it uses Google search engine and should not show any modified search results; however, it does not mean that it is safe to use this search tool as a default search provider every day. The main drawback this search engine has is indicated in its Privacy Policy document. It is stated there that it records both personal information and anonymous information, which, we can assure you, is not a feature of a reputable search tool. Users are explained that the personally-identifiable information is recorded to provide them with a better use of the service. In the case of the anonymous information, it is gathered automatically and consists of IP address, mobile network information, search history, a time-stamp, and other details that cannot identify users personally. Since works quite well, i.e. it returns Google search results when any search query is entered and even allows users to check the Internet speed, some users decide to ignore the fact that it records personally-identifiable information and thus continue using this tool as a default search provider. Security specialists at do not recommend keeping or using it as a default search engine because the information it gathers might be disclosed to third parties. If the gathered data ever reaches disreputable companies or even cyber criminals, this might be the beginning of great privacy-related problems.

Many users wonder how has managed to enter their PCs unnoticed and change their browsers’ settings – it is not hard to explain how this has happened. Research has shown that the majority of browser hijackers travel bundled with third-party software in software bundles. They are usually presented to users as additional offers, and, as a consequence, they end up on users’ PCs next to third-party applications if they do not remove the tick from the certain checkbox marked by default. Unfortunately, users are not very attentive these days, so threats that are spread in bundles easily affect many computers and become prevalent. Do not let new malware enter your system – install a security application on your computer. You must keep it enabled and update it periodically so that it could detect all the newest threats and prevent them from entering your computer.

You do not need to set a new URL as your homepage and default search tool to get rid of You can undo the changes applied by simply removing the Check Speed Search extension that is responsible for setting a new page on your Mozilla Firefox. Yes, at the time of writing, it is compatible with this only browser, so its removal should not be that complicated. Of course, if you find it impossible to delete manually, you can erase it with an automated malicious software remover too. You will need to acquire a malware remover first, of course. We suggest using an automatic scanner after the manual removal of the browser hijacker too because it is a must to disable other infections active on the system as well.


Mozilla Firefox

  1. Start Mozilla Firefox.
  2. Press Alt+T simultaneously.
  3. Select Add-ons.
  4. Locate the untrustworthy extension, select it, and click Remove next to it.
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