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Check Weather is promoted as a beneficial piece of software that enables computer users to check the local weather forecast easily and quickly. We are sure some users have already installed this add-on from the Chrome Web Store ( expecting that it will act beneficially, but, unfortunately, we have bad news for them. Research has shown that Check Weather is a potentially unwanted program. These applications do not act as harmful infections, but they still have some features that are not typical of reputable software. As for Check Weather, it might start showing commercial advertisements on users’ screens and collect information about them, specialists at say. Because of this, we suggest that you disable it without consideration, especially if it has affected your Google Chrome browser without your knowledge, or you have not found it very beneficial. Browser extensions are not one of these applications that make a bunch of modifications on users’ computers. Because of this, it is usually not difficult at all to disable them. Of course, if you consider yourself one of the inexperienced users, you should take action only after you read this article till the end because the final paragraph of this report is all about the Check Weather removal.

Some users find Check Weather quite useful, but, sadly, this does not change the fact that this Google Chrome extension is a potentially unwanted program. Most likely, you want to find out why it has been put under this category. First of all, we cannot call it fully trustworthy because research conducted by our specialists has clearly shown that the installation of this extension might be the reason why users start seeing commercial advertisements on their screens out of the blue. We are sure you will find these advertisements extremely annoying. Also, we would not be surprised at all if you were provided with ads opening dubious third-party pages. These websites might even promote untrustworthy applications, so it might be quite dangerous to click on those ads, even if you do that accidentally. What else you should know about Check Weather is that it might collect some information about you. Of course, since it is not a malicious application, it will not get your banking credentials, your passwords, and other personal details; however, a bunch of non-personally identifiable details associated with your activities and interests will be recorded. This information cannot identify you personally, but you still have a right to know that they might all be disclosed to third parties.

You could have downloaded and installed Check Weather yourself from the Chrome Web Store (it has already been removed from there), but the chances are high that it might be installed on users’ computers without their knowledge too, specialists say. According to them, this potentially unwanted program should not differ from similar applications, e.g. Always Weather (it is also a potentially unwanted program). That is, it should also be spread bundled. Additionally, it might be promoted by pop-ups shown on suspicious websites. A single, even accidental, click on such a pop-up might result in the immediate installation of Check Weather. Last but not least, Check Weather might be one of the so-called forced extensions, researchers say. Speaking specifically, it might be distributed using malicious Java scripts. If your browser ever goes full-screen and you are forced to click the button to install certain software, do not do this because there is basically no doubt that you will install malware on your computer. We have to admit that it is not always easy to prevent potentially unwanted software from entering the system even though these programs are, technically, not harmful infections, so what we recommend for you is installing a powerful antimalware tool on the system. You will not find new undesirable software on your computer if you keep it.

Check Weather will not start downloading malicious software on your computer, and it will not steal any personal details from you, but it might still act in an undesirable way, e.g. shows ads, as has been mentioned in previous paragraphs, so you should disable it as soon as possible. You should use our manual removal guide if you need some help with its removal.

Check Weather removal guide

  1. Open Explorer by pressing Win+E simultaneously.
  2. Delete the igmiebgcfjpflkggohhoecohofmaklbh folder from the directories listed below:
  • %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\[PROFILE]\Extensions
  • %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\[PROFILE]\Local Extension Settings
  • %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\[PROFILE]\Sync Extension Settings
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