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How did replace your previous homepage URL? Was that done with your permission? If it was not, your operating system or mobile device could be vulnerable, and all kinds of unwanted pieces of software could be running on it. Employ a legitimate malware scanner to figure that out right away. If the search tool came bundled with an app for your mobile device or along an extension or an application installed on your PC, you might have given it the permission to change the homepage. Even if that is the case, it is smart to perform a full system scan to see if you need to remove anything that is not reliable or beneficial. Hopefully, other unwanted apps or extensions do not exist, and all you need to think about is how to delete Are you not sure you want to get rid of this search tool at all? If you are confused, keep reading this report to learn more. looks like a search provider, but it actually uses to showcase search results. This search tool belongs to the provider, and both are developed by AirFind, a company that supposedly “generates revenue for mobile operators, publishers, mobile device manufacturers and advertisers by providing discovery and content monetization.” Just by looking at this statement, you might realize that is an advertising tool. If this is news to you, you must not have used this tool to browse the web. When you do, advertisements are shown at the very top. The normal search results are placed below the ads. These regular search results are taken from the Google search engine, and that is not surprising, considering the “Google Custom Search” tag attached to the search field. Do not be mistaken. The suspicious search engine merely exploits the well-known search provider, and the sponsored content is injected by AirFind. The advertisers partnered with this company are unknown, and so we cannot advise interacting with the ads that are shown.

Do you trust That is a very important question to ask yourself whenever you are facing an unfamiliar tool, app, program, or service. If you cannot say that you trust this search tool 100%, why are you still keeping it around? We are sure that you can easily find a better, more reliable, and better functioning search tool that will serve you much better than If you are happy with the search results shown to you – if you ignore the advertisements – you might like Google Search. In fact, you do not need to set a search tool as your homepage. That is just a matter of preference. When it comes to default search providers, you need to choose the right search tool. As long as it is one you can trust, you should be fine. If you are still thinking about keeping the suspicious, think if you are okay with it tracking your activity, sharing information with unknown parties, and displaying sponsored content. Our research team recommends removing untrustworthy tools capable of that.

If your browser was taken over by on a mobile device, all you need to do is reinstall the app. That should be enough to get rid of the unwanted search engine. Of course, you must scan your device to make sure that other threats do not exist. If you need to remove from a browser on a PC, you can follow the instructions below. The browsers we have chosen to cover are the most popular ones, but if you need additional instructions, we will be happy to provide you with them. Just let us know which browser was corrupted in the comments section below. If your browser remains corrupted, you might have to employ the help of anti-malware software, and our research team strongly recommends keeping this software installed if you want to ensure full-time protection in the future.

How to delete

Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Launch the browser and tap keys Alt+H together.
  2. Select Troubleshooting information and then click the Refresh Firefox button.

Internet Explorer:

  1. Launch the browser, tap keys Alt+T together, and select Internet options.
  2. Click Reset, mark the Delete personal settings box, and then click Reset again.

Google Chrome:

  1. Launch the browser, tap keys Alt+F together, and click Settings.
  2. Click Advanced (at the bottom) and then click Reset (at the bottom as well).
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*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter. Screenshots:

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