Banta Ransomware Removal Guide

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Sometimes the most inconspicuous programs can be quite dangerous. You probably have never heard of Banta Ransomware before; if you are reading this page, this program must have slithered into your system. Yes, it is a rather low-profile infection, but it can still bring everything to a standstill because it encrypts your files.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to decrypt this program yet. Of course, if you have copies of your files saved on another storage device or storage service, you can proceed with the malware removal immediately. If not, you may have to address a professional for other file recovery options.

Banta Ransomware is a newer version of Phobos Ransomware. Likewise, this program is similar to Dharma and Kiratos ransomware infections. We can assume that the program functions like its predecessor, although there might be differences in the way they mark the affected files. However, the bottom line is still the same: these programs encrypt target files, and then users are terrorized into paying the ransom for a decryption key. Unfortunately, there is no way to guarantee that the decryption key would unlock your files, and it is not a good idea to spend your money on these threats anyways.

Now, the most important thing in this situation is preventing other ransomware infections from entering your computer. For that, we need to know how they spread around and what we have to focus on when we want to stop these programs from attacking us.

As far as we know, Banta Ransomware and other similar programs employ spam email attachments to reach their victims. Thus, it means that users perform the final step in this infiltration. They download and open the installer file that launches the infection. Of course, no one would ever do that willingly, but users are tricked into thinking that some file is a legitimate document and they must open it.

It is very often that ransomware installer files look like MS Word or Excel documents. The spam email comes with an urgent message that encourages the user to open the files. Sometimes there is also a fake security certificate presented, which should make you think that opening the file is safe. Then, it is common for these files to prompt the user to enable macros on their Word or Excel processors. The moment they do that, the malicious file connects to the Internet and downloads Banta Ransomware (or any other malware for that matter).

When Banta Ransomware enters the target system, the program scans it because it needs to locate the files it can encrypt. As far as we know, this program affects files in the %PROGRAMFILES%, %USERPROFILE%, %APPDATA%, and %HOMEDRIVE% directories. This also means that this infection renders most of your programs useless. It doesn’t affect the system files though because it still needs your computer to function properly so that you would contact these criminals after they display this ransom note:

!!!All of your files are encrypted!!!
To decrypt them send e-mail to this address:
If we don’t answer in 24h, send e-mail to this address:

Needless to say, you should never contact these criminals. Remove Banta Ransomware right now, and then look for ways to restore your files. If you have most of your files saved someplace else, you shouldn’t have any problem with restoring them. Simply remove the encrypted copies, and then transfer healthy copies back into your drive. On the other hand, if you cannot think of the ways to get your files back, do not hesitate to address a professional. Finally, do not forget to acquire a powerful antispyware tool that would safeguard your PC against various threats.

How to Remove Banta Ransomware

  1. Remove suspicious files from Desktop.
  2. Open the Downloads folder.
  3. Delete the most recent files from the folder.
  4. Press Win+R and the Run prompt will open.
  5. Type %TEMP% into the Open box. Click OK.
  6. Remove the most recent files from the directory.
  7. Use SpyHunter to scan your system.
Download Remover for Banta Ransomware *
*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter.


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