Backdoor.SkypeCaphaw Removal Guide

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If you are a Skype user, you should pay extra attention to you the files that are sent to you via Skype because Backdoor.SkypeCaphaw, a backdoor infection, is in the wild. Once it is installed, various illegal activities are commenced in order to compromise the infected computer, so if you have downloaded some file whose name suggests that it is an invoice and now the system is not running properly, implement a reputable spyware removal tool to remove Backdoor.SkypeCaphaw from the system. Malware researchers recommend using SpyHunter because this anti-spyware program can easily terminate the threat. It will detect and remove Backdoor.SkypeCaphaw from the system in no time. And the next time when you receive a suspicious warning and a file from a Skype contact, do not hurry to download it.

Do not delay the removal of Backdoor.SkypeCaphaw because this threat is capable of various malicious actions. The threat gets onto the PC as a .zip file containing a file named invoice_[random numbers] pdf.exe. The randomly named file has been found to be the %AppData% folder or its subfolders. Do not wait any longer because Backdoor.SkypeCaphaw is aimed at recording the browser’s behavior and collecting valuable information. In order to operate properly, such processes as services.exe and SearchIndexer.exe are infected.

When the computer gets infected with Backdoor.SkypeCaphaw, all Skype contacts are sent the same bogus file, which is actually the backdoor Trojan. In order to prevent further spreading of the threat, not only should you remove Backdoor.SkypeCaphaw from the system but also inform your contacts about the threat.

Keep in mind that a computer infected with a backdoor Trojan can be used for various purposes, and the threat can communicate with remote attackers. Backdoor.SkypeCaphaw may also alter the settings of Skype. For example, it may delete conversation history and collect the information provided by the application.

Do not let Backdoor.SkypeCaphaw and the remote attackers manipulate you and control the computer. Remove the threat from the system as soon as you can if you want to use the machine and browse the Internet as usual. Install our recommended SpyHunter if you wish to clean up the system and be protected against various computer threats, including browser hijacker, scareware, ransomware, and many others. Since the threat creates random files, do not try to get rid of them manually in order not to damage the system. The recommended anti-spyware tool is all that you need, so do not delay – take action right now.

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*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter.


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