Backdoor.Popwin.B Removal Guide

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Backdoor.Popwin.B has been infecting computer users since 2006. This backdoor Trojan is used by cyber criminals to compromise your system's security and to allow other malicious components to enter your computer. It is important that you remove Backdoor.Popwin.B the moment this infection is detected. If you fail to do so, you might face serious consequences.

More often than not, Backdoor.Popwin.B is distributed via spam email. If you click on a link embedded in a spam email, or download an attachment, the backdoor's installation is initiated automatically and you are not even prompted when this threat settles down onto your computer. You should also be aware of social engineering and be careful when you download freeware and shareware, because Backdoor.Popwin.B can also arrive with bundled downloads.

The main purpose of Backdoor.Popwin.B is to exploit your system's vulnerabilities in order for other malicious programs to enter your computer. However, that is not all. Backdoor.Popwin.B can also configure your system in a way that it could be used in a DDoS attack.

When this backdoor gets installed, it creates a list of files that compromise system processes. For example, MWSSVC.EXE and questbrwsearch.dll are categorized as adware programs, but they can also make use of rootkits, to prevent Backdoor.Popwin.B from being removed. With these files the backdoor, can modify your Internet browse settings, changing your default homepage and even redirecting you to affiliated websites. What is more, Backdoor.Popwin.B can also modify your Firewall settings, making the system vulnerable to foreign infections.

To put it simply, Backdoor.Popwin.B can exploit every single vulnerability it finds within your system, basically paralyzing your computer. You will not be able to work with it unless you remove Backdoor.Popwin.B. Manual removal is not recommended unless you are an experienced computer user. We advise you to invest in a legitimate antimalware tool that will help you to erase Backdoor.Popwin.B immediately, and your system will be safeguarded against similar threats.

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