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A seditious and dangerous Backdoor Trojan known as Backdoor agobot enters the system surreptitiously and hides its presence from the PC owner. Backdoor agobot was designed to allow remote hackers access to the system in order to take control of the afflicted PC. This Trojan is a sly infection which is delivered to its victims’ PCs through a variety of ways.

Its distribution techniques include bundling itself with third party security downloads and updates. Backdoor agobot is also distributed through peer to peer applications such as MSN and Yahoo! Messenger. As of late it has also been reported that Backdoor agobot distributes itself through infecting email attachments.

Once Backdoor agobot roots itself securely in the system, it will not only grant remote access to the system, but also break down the inherent security features of the system, making it easier for other types of malware to gain access to the compromised PC. It will download additional malware from a remote server, and infect the system with dangerous threats.

Developers behind Backdoor agobot will use the infected PCs for malicious activities, such as BotNet attacks and Denial of Service (DoS) attacks. It will also record the user’s activities, and steal usernames and passwords, as well as sensitive personal info like bank details and financial information. Backdoor agobot trades under other namaes and aliases too, including:


In order to effectively restore the PC’s security and minimize Backdoor agobot’s damage to the system, users are urged to immediately destroy Backdoor agobot upon detection. This can easily be achieved by using a powerful security tool.

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