Backdoor Agent Removal Guide

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Backdoor Agent is a dangerous computer infection that is classified as backdoor Trojan that surreptitiously enters your computer and allows a third party to access and control. Backdoor Agent bypasses normal authentication and access your system illegally, opening it for other cyber criminals. Therefore, computer users are encouraged to perform regular scans of their systems with powerful security tools to detect and remove Backdoor Agent on time, before it manages to inflict dangerous system changes.

It is rather hard to determine when or how Backdoor Agent enters your system. What is more, this infection can remain hidden from your sight and function in the background, performing various undesirable changes to the system. Since this backdoor does not have an interface, if you are not a computer expert, it might be hard to determine whether you are infected with it or not. However, if you suspect that there is something wrong with your computer, you are advised to open Task Manager and check for running processes that are related to Backdoor Agent.

Such processes include ctfmon.exe, ckp.exe, bndmss.exe, aspimgr.exe. These and other files are responsible for hiding Backdoor Agent from the security tools and performing a number of malicious actions. Thus, due to its make-up, Backdoor Agent can download hidden codes from covert websites, create new folders in the file system, inject codes into legitimate system processes and so on. To put it simply, Backdoor Agent, totally compromises your system security, rendering it vulnerable to other computer threats.

Since it is rather hard to remove Backdoor Agent manually, you are encouraged to acquire a powerful antimalware tool that will terminate the threat automatically. Automatic malware removal tool is also useful, because it will scan your system for other possible threats, and protect you from dangerous future infections.

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