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Azer Ransomware is a new danger that may sneak onto your system and encrypt all your important files. We have found that this vicious program is a new variant coming from the CryptoMix Ransomware family. Although basically its operation is very similar, there are some minor differences when compared to the earlier versions. Unfortunately, there is no way for you to recover your files for free for the time being; in other words, malware hunters do not seem to have found a way to crack this ransomware infection. Of course, this does not mean that a free file recovery tool cannot surface in the near future. But right now you are left with no choice really unless you have a recent backup of your files in cloud storage or on a removable hard disk of some sort. You are offered a way out, as usual, by your attackers, but we do not encourage anyone to contact such criminals and transfer money to them. In fact, the only thing we can recommend is that you remove Azer Ransomware immediately.

There a couple of ways in which this dangerous ransomware can show up on your system. For example, it is possible that you use remote desktop software and these cyber criminals can attack you via unprotected RDP communication. Maybe your password is too weak or missing. In any case, such crooks can find a way to break into your system even if it is by applying brute force attack. Once these criminals gain access to your system, they can easily install the malicious executable and initiate this attack manually and you will not even notice anything until the damage is done. This is why we suggest that you always protect your computer with powerful passwords. What’s more, we recommend that you install a reliable anti-malware program to nip such attacks in the bud. Otherwise, you may end up with all your files encrypted and you will have to delete Azer Ransomware yourself.

Another way for this malware infection to infiltrate your system is via spam e-mails. In such an attack this infection can show up as a malicious attachment in a spam mail. This attachment is usually an executable file that poses as an image, a video, a document with macro, or even a Zip archive. The main idea behind this spam is to convince you to open this attached file. However, if you do so, you simply activate this vicious attack. Clearly, you need to be more careful with opening mails and downloading attachments. In fact, this spam can really be misleading and convincing. You may have the feeling by looking at it that you need to see it right away. The sender would seem all authentic and the subject very important, such as issues with an invoice, your credit card, unpaid fines, and so on. The subject is always something that would draw anyone’s attention right away. This is why you need to remember that when you remove Azer Ransomware, it means that it has revealed itself to you, i.e., your files have been encrypted and become unusable. Thus, it is important that you try to prevent such a severe threat from entering your computer.

Interestingly enough, this ransomware uses no network communication like most of its peers that need a Command and Control server in order to be able encrypt and store the decryption key. This vicious program however works completely offline. It uses the AES algorithm to encrypt your photos, videos, audios, documents, and third-party program files. Then, it applies one of the ten embedded RSA-1024 keys to encrypt the AES key. The affected files’ name is also encrypted and changed to look like this “76C2CAE043E09E61E2C5B0A04A387CA9-email-[].AZER.” This infection does not lock your screen or block main processes either. Therefore, you will only realize what happened when you try to use any of the encrypted files and fail to do so.

You may also notice that this threat creates a text file called “_INTERESTING_INFORMACION_FOR_DECRYPT.TXT” in all affected folders and on your desktop as well. This is indeed the ransom note, which is different than in the case of the previous variants in this family. This is a rather short note that simply tells you to send an e-mail to “” or “” if you want to decrypt your files. There is also a unique personal ID at the bottom, which you may have to send in the mail but there is no information about that. However, we do not advise you to contact these criminals or that you send any money to them because they may send you further malicious programs instead of the decryption key, not to mention the fact that you would support cyber criminals to go on with their dirty business. We believe that there is only one legitimate way out of this nightmare and that is to remove Azer Ransomware from your system as soon as possible.

If you have a recent backup, you are in the luck and you can easily transfer your files after you delete Azer Ransomware and the related files. This ransomware creates a copy of itself and places it to the “%AppData%” folder under a random name that could be something like “BC0EBCF2F2.exe” as in our case. This infection also creates two Windows Registry Run entries with random names, which need to be removed as well. Please follow our instructions below if you want to manually end this dangerous threat. If you would like to use a secure PC, we advise you to protect it with a trustworthy anti-malware program, such as SpyHunter.

How to remove Azer Ransomware from Windows

  1. Press Win+R and type regedit. Click OK.
  2. Identify and delete the two suspicious random-name value names in “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run” registry key whose value data points to the malicious executable in “%AppData%” (“BC0EBCF2F2.exe” or any other random name).
  3. Exit your editor.
  4. Press Win+E.
  5. Locate and delete the malicious executable you downloaded.
  6. Delete the malicious .exe file from “%AppData%” (“BC0EBCF2F2.exe” or any other random name you found in the registry value data).
  7. Bin all the ransom note files (“_INTERESTING_INFORMACION_FOR_DECRYPT.TXT”).
  8. Empty your Recycle Bin.
  9. Restart your PC.
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Azer Ransomware
Azer Ransomware


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