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The reason why we have computer threats like AV Security Essentials popping up every single day is that they are actually successful in achieving their goals. AV Security Essentials is not the first rogue in the line, having such threats as Antivirus Smart Protection, Malware Protection Center and Smart Anti-Malware Protection in its notorious family tree. Just like its forerunners AV Security Essentials arrives at your doorstep with intention to steal your money and if you think that a program cannot do that, you are most definitely wrong.

If you are infected with AV Security Essentials, you must have seen the program perform a fake system scan and then bombard you with numerous fake security notifications in hopes of scare you into believing that your computer is infected with multiple viruses. Users who do believe in this fraud end up “paying” for the full version of AV Security Essentials, but as they do that, they reveal their credit card information (card holder name, number, expiration date etc.) to a third party, and as a result their bank account becomes exposed to illegal access. In such case, the user has to contact his or her bank and make sure that the card is suspended and the bank account is protected.

And as far as AV Security Essentials is concerned, the first thing you have to do about it is getting rid of these annoying security messages:

System Message
Your PC may still be infected with dangerous viruses. AV Security Essentials protection is needed to prevent data loss and avoid theft of your personal data and credit card details. Click here to activate protection.

Warning! Spambot detected!
Attention! A spambot sending viruses to your e-mail contacts has been detected on your PC.
Warning! Identity theft attempt detected
Recommended: Please click “Remove All” button to erase all infected files and protect your PC.

The messages will go away if you enter this activation code into the rogue’s registration form:


However, even if the messages have disappeared the rogue is STILL THERE, so you have to get yourself a reliable computer safeguard application that will remove AV Security Essentials for you in no time. Also, when you are done with AV Security Essentials, run another full system scan, because you can never know what malicious file is left in the depths of your system.

Download Remover for AV Security Essentials *
*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter.

AV Security Essentials Screenshots:

AV Security Essentials


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